NetPhantom 5.5 End-of-life (EOL)

NetPhantom 5.5 will reach its end-of-life on September 1st 2014. Full support for the product will be maintained until this date, with a limitation on the Java versions. The supported Java versions are Java 1.6 Updates 16 through 43, or Java 1.7 Updates 5 to 17. Support for Java 1.5 will not be included.

Migration Path

The migration path for customers running NetPhantom 5.5 is straightforward. As NetPhantom 6 runs all applications for NetPhantom 5.5 without changes, this migration path should be smooth.

Extended Support

Customers that wish to extend the support of NetPhantom 5.5 beyond 1st of September 2014 should contact Nexum Technologies as soon as possible in order to receive a Support Offering for its NetPhantom 5.5 installation.

Nexum Technologies SARL
Sophia Antipolis, 30 April 2013