Fixes in NetPhantom 3.80 Build 1900

These are fixes done since version 3.70 Build 1700 in chronological order.

Version 3.70 Build 1877

  • InternalError exception if EEM file not found
    If a host session is defined with an EEM file that can't be loaded, the following error occured when a client connected to the host session ID in question: "ServerThread: Internal Program Error in thread: java.lang.InternalError: Call to ClientSession.onHostSessionFailure(String description) unexpected, should have been deprecated".

Version 3.70 Build 1870

  • Listbox selection and focus problems
    Several problems in regards to selection and focus.
    1. Typically, a listbox that receives focus directly when a panel is created and the keyboard is used to move the selected line, the next selection is not properly drawn by the list box (the user could think that focus is lost), after a second key is pressed, the problem is cured.
    2. Using the space bar to select or unselect a line in a multiple selection list box, the server didn't get notificiation of the event(s) e.g. triggering Objects connected to the list box (triggered on User Change).
    3. A single selection list box with a line (e.g. line 4) selected, gets new contents from host, receives the same line (e.g. 4) selected after the host change.
  • Server Administration NullPointerException in configure EE host sessions
    A java.lang.NullPointerException is thrown using the server adminstration when configuring an EE host session and selecting the "browse" (for file) button. The dialog box is empty and throws several NullPointerExceptions and eventually the client connection is closed.

Version 3.70 Build 1867

  • Selection problem in listbox that has focus
    When a listbox has focus and gets updated followed by a direct selection change in the list, the line selected is sometimes reset to the first in the list and thus doesn't follow the host cursor position. This typically relates to single selection listboxes that use the option "Move host cursor".

Version 3.70 Build 1865

  • Error in proxy parameter processing in NetPhantom Starter
    When NetPhantom Starter parses the file "applications.pkg" and a "@**PROXY@" setting is present, but no proxy is used for the Starter, it replaces @**PROXY@ with "null:null". This in turn causes NetPhantom Client to print the error message "Proxy error: invalid port" but still tries to connect to the proxy host "null" causing the message box "Cannot connect to host, null".
  • Error in proxy parameter processing in NetPhantom Client
    When an invalid port is specified for the "PROXY" parameter in NetPhantom Client (e.g. not numerical), The "proxyHost" is used with a "proxyPort" set to zero. The error message "Proxy error: invalid port" is displayed in the console output but the proxy setting should be ignored completely.

Version 3.70 Build 1846

  • Focus in non-editable unselected combobox in Windows L&F not visible
    Under Windows Look-and-Feel, a non-editable combobox that has no item selected, and doesn't have a text to display, doesn't draw it's background (selection) in the main combobox area when it gets focus. This is typically a non host connected combobox that is non-editable.

Version 3.70 Build 1705

  • Combo box selection in drop-down list not deselected correctly
    When a line in the drop-down list of a combo box has been selected by the user and the contents of the combo box has been updated with an entry not present in the drop-down list, the previous item was still selected in the list (but the correct contents was shown in the entry field of the combo box).
  • Server Administration error in dialog processing for User definition
    When pressing OK in the User definition, the dialog processing for Manage Users is in error.
  • Server Administration program abends when selecting browse directory/file
    The following exception is thrown:
      ServerThread: Internal Program Error in thread: java.lang.NullPointerException
        at se.entra.phantom.server.rconsole.AdminConfigSelectDirectory.performSelectionChanged
        at se.entra.phantom.server.rconsole.AdminConfigSelectDirectory.performOpen
        at se.entra.phantom.server.rconsole.AdminConfigSelectDirectory.<init>
        at se.entra.phantom.server.rconsole.AdminConfigSelectDirectory.<init>
        at se.entra.phantom.server.rconsole.AdminConfigWebServer.onAction

Version 3.70 Build 1701

  • Duplicate or unnecessary logging of event when a host session is disconnected
    When a host session is closed, the message "SC0001 Host communication error:" is sometimes logged once or more for a client session.