Fixes in NetPhantom 4.00 Build 4000

These are fixes in NetPhantom 4.00 Build 4000 since version 3.90 Build 2100 in chronological order.

Version 4.00 Build 4000

  • REXX function ScrMultiWait
    The NetRexx function ScrMultiWait returns zero when a matching screen is found instead of the name of the screen.
  • Internal error in client for bar message control
    The following error could occur: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: NNN (or -1)
     at se.entra.phantom.common.Transaction.readUShort
     at se.entra.phantom.common.Transaction.readString
     at se.entra.phantom.client.PJBarMessage.update
     at se.entra.phantom.client.PJBar.update
     at se.entra.phantom.client.CUserWindow.update
     at se.entra.phantom.client.PPanel.updatePanel

Version 3.90 Build 2155

  • Paste doesn't always work
    The entry field paste operation doesn't always work for entry fields, typically when the option "Disable when read-only" is selected.

Version 3.90 Build 2148

  • Editable listbox cell selection errors
    1. editable listbox cells are sometimes selected with a dotted line instead of making them capable of data entry,
    2. if an editable cell is displayed as just selected with a dotted line, the first character input by the user is not included in the entry field text,
    3. clicking in the listbox column header doesn't cause creation of entry capability in an editable cell, the cell is selected with a dotted line.

Version 3.90 Build 2145

  • Shift+F10 doesn't display pop-up menu
    When using the option "Pass through unassigned functions keys to host", a panel that should display a pop-up menu for certain controls sends F22 (Shift+F10) to host instead of displaying the pop-up menu.

Version 3.90 Build 2141

  • Phantom Session Booster logoff
    When a client is closing the connection to the server, Phantom Session Booster (in the iSeries machines), doesn't get the correct close/signoff procedure resulting in many error logs for the user.
  • PanSetCtlData doesn't work when terminal window is displayed
    When the terminal application is displayed instead of the "normal" GUI application, the REXX functions PanSetCtlData and PanGetCtlData doesn't work, they cannot refer to e.g. the TERMINAL panel ID.

Version 3.90 Build 2138

  • Editable listbox problems
    1. cell entry vanishes when double-clicking a cell when focus is located on another line,
    2. "phantom" cell entry in right justified column when clicking outside the cell and then back on the cell.
  • 5250 Auto Enter field attribute
    When a 5250 field has the Auto Enter field attribute, Enter is sent to host when leaving the field with tab forward/backward. This should only occur when pressing the Field Exit keys.

Version 3.90 Build 2137

  • Combobox preselected text in drop-down list doesn't allow other cased characters to be input
    In an editable combobox with lines in the drop-down list, it is not possible to enter the beginning of one of the list strings in another character case than in the list, e.g. if the list contains "Enter", you cannot input "ENTER", it will be changed to "Enter".

Version 3.90 Build 2136

  • Editable listbox focus problem
    When an editable listbox has focus and a host change occurs and the focus is changed to another editable cell in the listbox, focus is sometimes not set correctly in AWT/Swing.

Version 3.90 Build 2135

  • Application with Application panel doesn't display the terminal window -- regression problem
    When the terminal window is displayed inside a browser and having an application panel in the runtime file, a NullPointerException causes the terminal window not to be displayed.

Version 3.90 Build 2134

  • HostSetFld doesn't work -- regression problem
    In build 2132, the functionality of HostSetFld was broken when specifying a line offset to the host field.

Version 3.90 Build 2133

  • HostGetFld doesn't work when specifying another host screen
    The first parameter doesn't seem to be recognized by the functions HostGetFld and HostGetFldClr, the currently matching host screen seems always to be used (this is not a regression problem).

Version 3.90 Build 2120

  • NetPhantom reports version 3.90 build 2102 (but was otherwise correct)

Version 3.90 Build 2119

  • MLE only accepts 255 characters
    The multiple-line entry field sometimes only accepted 255 characters input when it should be unlimited.

Version 3.90 Build 2112

  • Listbox arrow keys causes focus to be lost
    When using the arrow keys in an editable listbox, focus could sometimes be lost and a NullPointerException could be seen in the Java Console output, although NetPhantom Client still ran.

Version 3.90 Build 2111

  • MLE doesn't become disabled properly
    When an MLE is disabled, it becomes read-only but not disabled, also with the wrong colors, the background should be like the panel and the text gray.

Version 3.90 Build 2110

  • Expired SSL certificate problem
    When a NetPhantom Server uses an expired SSL certificate as server identity, the NetPhantom Starter SSL and NetPhantom Client SSL creates "ua_ca_NN.cer" files in the SSL files directory each time the certificate is permanently accepted, and also requires a confirmation prompt at every program start to accept the certificate (although already permanently accepted).
  • NetPhantom Starter SSL NullPointerException
    When NetPhantom Starter SSL cannot perform an HTTPS request because the server is not present, a NullPointerException is thrown instead of FileNotFoundException.
  • NetPhantom Client/Starter SSL cannot decode server certificate (first byte invalid)
    When a NetPhantom Server uses a certificate that has the same common name as a permanently accepted certificate (using NetPhantom Client or Starter SSL), an error is displayed showing that the new server certificate cannot be decoded (first byte invalid). The server connection is never possible to establish.

Version 3.90 Build 2108

  • 3270 terminal emulation overflow characters cause screen to be shifted one character to the right
    When pressing a character into a full entry field using insert mode caused the entire screen to be shifted by one character to the right (wrapped). Using "Client-local field editing", this was preceded by a beep, but could still produce the same problem.
  • 5250 terminal emulation Smart Mode Insert doesn't take underscore as valid end-of-field character
    When using "Smart Insert Mode", the underscore character is not a valid end-of-field character (as space or null).
  • Keypad '+' timing problems
    When using the Keypad '+' key with the entry field option "Enable keypad", this produces a tab key, but under certain Java versions (typically 1.4.1 and also 1.4.2) this could be reproduced every 20'th time.

Version 3.90 Build 2107

  • Focus in editable listbox cells
    A focus problem in editable listbox cells could cause the keyboard to stop responding and also produce updates from client to server not being executed properly when mouse and/or keyboard is used to navigate between cells in the listbox.

Version 3.90 Build 2106

  • Paste sometimes not possible in editable comboboxes
    The paste operation in the entry field in the combobox didn't always work when host connected.
  • Pop-up menus
    Various fixes for pop-up menus, including functionality, placement on screen, etc.

Version 3.90 Build 2105

  • Business graphics diagram hangs client
    An empty (all zero values) diagram could cause an infinite loop in business graphics.
  • German text strings for terminal keyboard send keys
    The localized text strings for the configuration of the terminal keyboard send keys assigned to individual keys didn't have the correct index values, causing keys after e.g. PF3 to display the wrong assignments.
  • Focus for pop-up menus activated with Shift+Alt or Shift+F10
    When the keyboard is used to display a pop-up menu, focus is sometimes not restored directly to the calling component, causing a flicker in the focus handling before it is stabilized.
  • Message box
    A detail in the way that message boxes are activated in NetPhantom has been aligned to that of Hurricane.

Version 3.90 Build 2104

  • Race condition when using keytab
    When using the '+' key for tab sometimes caused the sign to be echoed in the entry field.
  • Arrow key movement
    Arrow keys moves incorrectly between fields.

Version 3.90 Build 2102

  • Call to PJTabbedPane.setUI problem
    When customizing the Swing user interface for a notebook by means of a call to the client setUI method, it sometimes causes an IndexOutOfBoundsException.

Version 3.90 Build 2101

  • REXX macro connected to message box has value too high (plus one)
    When a REXX macro is connected to a message box with the "Command" (CMD) message, the third argument (the argString) returns a value that has an index + 1 when it should return the index value (1=Cancel, 2=OK, 3=Enter, 4=Yes, 5=No, 6=Retry and 7=Ignore).