Fixes in NetPhantom 4.10 Build 4500

These are fixes done since version 4.00 Build 4233 in chronological order.

Version 4.10 Build 4500

  • Popup menu items state not updated for the client
    The problem is seen when popup menus are defined for the application and the state of the items (e.g. enabled) is changed from two or more different panels. Under these circumstances, the changes in any secondary panel sometimes are not taken into account.
  • Popup menu definition not reloaded
    When a popup menu definition is rebound (the set of components it is connected to is changed), the new definition is not reloaded. This means that if the application is launched from the editor for testing, the application will use the definition as it was before the change.
  • Popup menu definitions not always migrated from NetPhantom 3 to 4 project
    Popup menu definitions are not always correctly migrated from NetPhantom 3 to NetPhantom 4 projects.
  • User properties error
    User properties (desktop image/bg for example) are not handled in the same way for applications as for applets. An application migration problem into the new [user] section instead of [clientProperties] was the cause.
  • ComboBox focus problem
    Functionality in java has changed after version 1.6.0_07 (or more likely; this is a bug in these versions of Java). Focus is transferred both to the ComboBox component itself and the entry field (for editable instances). This results in race conditions in some instances (e.g. in NoteBook panels). This problem can be seen in two ways:
    1. Focus cannot be transferred from an editable ComboBox to another component.
    2. The pop-up menu in the ComboBox is not shown if not the focus is transferred for the first time.
  • Panel Editor doesn't always get focus
    When the Panel Editor has a Java dialog box displayed (e.g. Configure Project), clicking in the Panel Editor window outside of the dialog box doesn't cause focus to be set to it.
  • Class names for Java Server Code is truncated if very long
    When using long class names for the class name when the Object type is set to Java Server Code, the class name string could if very long truncated.
  • Closing panels moves them to the top-left corner of the screen
    When closing (typically dialog boxes from the Panel Part of the Editor), the window is displayed for a short while in the top-left corner of the screen before it is removed. This is seen under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
  • Entry field with date format not possible to reset
    Using date format for a entry field control meant that it could not be reset in the GUI. Visually it would work but access to the data from the virtual interface gave the old (and now invisible) value.
  • Server.ini should have a RemoteAssistance comment
    To facilitate the configuration a line ;RemoteAssistance=1 should be added in the template server.ini.
  • Failure sending mail using REXX function SendMail
    The REXX function sometimes returns the error "Mail system not initialized" when sending the mail. The NetPhantom mail sample could show this behavior.
  • Close client session causes error log in server when running ServerAdmin and displaying the client terminal session
    When running the Server Administration program, displaying a terminal session of a client session, a NullPointerException is thrown when the client is closed.
        ServerThread: Internal Program Error in thread: java.lang.NullPointerException
            at se.entra.phantom.server.HostSession.disconnect
            at se.entra.phantom.server.HostSessionManager.disconnectAll
            at se.entra.phantom.server.ClientSession.disposeInternal
  • Editor host colors configuration
    The host color configuration for the NetPhantom editor conflicted with that of the normal server. This meant that changing either configuration became the current for both components.
  • Status/Tool bar distribution problem
    The status/tool bar component can make use of an .ini file for load time configuration. This file was however not included when the application was compiled to a distribution.
  • Merging bar files error
    Merging sub-applications into a main project that contains bar files with the same name does not include them in the right order. This means that the bar file of the less prioritized application (post > current > pre) is included in stead of the opposite.
  • Compile distribution does not include all files under binary directory
    Merging sub-applications into a main project sometimes produces erroneous behavior. Not all files under the binary (default name "bin") are included in the resulting merged application.
  • Loading erroneous application
    An application containing errors loads with error message. The correct behavior is that the application should not be loaded and the server flagged as needing to be configured. This occurred in the server when loading e.g. a NetPhantom version 3 NPR runtime file.
  • Key hotspot definition error
    A key hotspot definition containing a "," sign is not accepted as input in the hotspot definition dialog. Such a definition is allowed as a construction for a list of definitions for the same key.
  • Missing images in NetPhantomClientImages.jar
    There was missing images in NetPhantomClientImages: the subdirectories bar, fileManager and PSB had "gif" images that were not included. This resulted in the stand-alone NetPhantom Client not having the RESURL parameter set to the server being unable to display them.
  • Red rectangle instead of File Manager
    In the Server Administration program, a red rectangle with the error below is shown when selecting the menu item File - File manager:
            at se.entra.phantom.client.PJEntryField.<init>
            at cuserwin2.RCONSOLE_FILEMANAGER.create
            at se.entra.phantom.client.CUserWindow.create
            at se.entra.phantom.client.PPanel.createControlContents
  • Load application error does not prevent distribution build
    An application that contains errors should be possible to open in the Editor. This so that errors can be fixed and functionality be amended. It should however not be possible to create a distribution (the application .jar file) from an application containing errors. This to make sure that applications loaded on the server or used as base for other application by merge, always is consistent. Today creating a distribution from an erroneous application is possible.
  • Fail to save terminal file
    Saving the terminal file (by choosing File – Save all in one of the Editors) will result in a NullPointerException being thrown. This if all screen definitions have been deleted since last time the file was saved.
  • Delete panel does not remove file
    The option Delete the panel file(s) on disk in the Delete panel dialog in the Panel Editor does not work. After the operation is finished, the corresponding file(s) are still left in the same place as before.
  • Menu processing under Unix systems error in NetPhantom Client
    The keyboard and mouse doesn’t allow interaction with menus in the menu bar in panels with at least Java 1.6.
  • NetPhantomStarter with SSL gets NullPointerException
    If the "cacerts" directory under the NetPhantom SSL directory .../.NetPhantom4/cacerts doesn't exist, NetPhantom Starter with SSL displays an error message as "Failure initializing SSL engine".
  • Failure to launch application in Editor
    Launching an application from within the Editor for testing/debugging sometimes fails with the following exception:
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: name
            at java.lang.ClassLoader.getResource
            at se.entra.phantom.server.PhantomRuntime.createClassLoader
            at se.entra.phantom.server.phed.JavaConfig.executeClient
            at se.entra.phantom.server.phed.EditorTerminalApplication$
  • Alarm sound does not work in the Editor
    The sound that is normally used to prompt the user for errors does not work when in Editor.
  • Hotspot issues
    The following issues are corrected for terminal hotspots.
    1. StringIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown for certain definitions of key hot spots (e.g. "F#").
    2. Too liberal definition of the match strings. The definition is now checked to not include any "|" sign (reserved for internal purposes) and at most one "#" sign (indication of any number 1-24).
    3. Too liberal interpretation of the match strings. The matching strings must now start with either at a new line, after a space character or after a null character.
  • Compile distribution error
    When compiling a distribution, a list of applications can be used to be merged into the main distribution. Some files contained in the application Jar file are not included when a distribution merge step is performed. This problem concerns only files that are located in sub directories.
  • Restart or shut-down delayed with 30 seconds
    Running the Server Administration program and selecting Server Restart Immediately or Shut-down Immediately is sometimes delayed 30 seconds when multiple socket port threads are used (default is 3, was 1 in NetPhantom Version 3). This resulted in the administrator to think that the action was unsuccessful, thus killing and restarting the Server by means of e.g. the operating system or similar, rather than to wait 30 seconds.
  • Listbox column header behavior
    When clicking a listbox header, the content in the column is sorted (if it is configured as Sortable). Currently the sorting is performed when the mouse button is released even if the mouse pointer is moved outside the bounds of the column header. This is inconsistent with the behavior of the push button component, for example.
  • Listbox tracking outside component
    When selecting in a listbox, the end-point of the selection is not tracked when you move the mouse outside the bounds of the listbox. This applies for both column and cell selection.
  • Windows Classic L&F in Windows and Swing toolbar button drawing problem
    When having the Windows Classic theme in Windows and the Windows L&F in Swing, it is impossible to see the difference between a selected toolbar button (such as Identify fields) and a non-selected one.
  • License Manager error
    Sometimes when running multiple License Managers (primary and back-up), the exception shown below is thrown when updating the license manager configuration.
            at java.util.Vector.firstElement
            at se.entra.phantom.licmgr.LicenseManager.closeAll
  • Auto-tab doesn't always select the entire entry field
    When auto-tab is performed from an entry field, the next entry field sometimes didn’t become entirely selected if it had the option Select entire field. This was sometimes also valid when pressing the mnemonic key of a static text or a group box, causing a similar behavior like the auto-tab functionality.
  • Entry eventHistoryCount in server.ini processing error
    The setting eventHistoryCount [base] section in server.ini was processed erroneously: if the range was not between 10 and 1000, the value 100 is assumed, and no warning or error message is displayed.
  • The list of last opened panels not always correct in the Panel Editor
    In the Panel Editor, the list of previously opened panels is not always correct when switching projects. The list is however corrected as soon as a panel is opened.
  • NetPhantom Editor doesn't start in Windows 7
    When starting the NetPhantom Editor in a "clean" installation with just the Sun JDK 1.6.0 update 11, an error message showing that the library module "...\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll" could not be loaded.
  • Shift-selection problems in list box
    The following corrections have been implemented:
    1. It is not possible to do Shift-selection with the mouse in the header of an empty list box.
    2. Shift-selection in header using drag is not possible. You have to hold the Shift key down and press the first column, then the last one.
    3. Clicking the mouse below available lines or in the header without having the Shift key down doesn’t remove the Shift-selection.
  • GUI-on-the-fly applications do not start
    When trying to access a GOF (GUI-on-the-fly) application only the terminal emulation is shown. Switching between host screens produces the same result – the terminal is shown.
  • Host field name and type dialog reset when accessing terminal window
    When running the editor in host field identification mode the field name/type dialog can be reset to default values and existing data overwritten. This happens when the following sequence of actions is performed:
    1. Mark a new field in the terminal part.
    2. Make changes in the name/type dialog.
    3. Click or drag the cursor in the terminal part without having saved the data by pressing "OK".
  • Closing terminal session in Server GUI hangs the Editor
    When running the Editor with the option Server GUI enabled allows the user to close the terminal window session used in the Editor, causing it to hang with an error Client session disposed in the Console output window. The correct behavior is to disable closure of client sessions for the Editor and all its parallel client sessions.
  • Open a read-only project locks part of the system
    Attempting to open a project with a read-only project .ini file is not allowed. When the corresponding warning message box is closed, some functionality in the editor part of the system is effected: open new project in the panel part not possible, exit editor not possible etc.
  • Compile distribution pre-/post-merge doesn't take the Application data or Application panel from the last application
    From where is the application data (e.g. Color conversion), the Application panel is taken from what project/application? New options in project configuration are now available.
  • Terminal layout problem
    In the editor the terminal part layout is recalculated when an application is tested. When this is done, sometimes the terminal is graphically "tweaked" during a short instance during the launch phase. Whether this occurs or not depends on the calculated font size, which in turn is linked to the current size of the terminal window. A quick work-around for this problem is to make a small vertical change of the terminal window size.
  • Toolbox EEM file management problem
    The EEM file management feature in the toolbox does not display all data. When editing an existing definition, the list making up the logic of how to move between different screens is empty. Also, this list cannot be added to.
  • Tutorial HTML application doesn't work
    When changing the TUTOR application, then building a new distribution, the Sign on host screen is not recognized or hangs the application. It also seems to have the same problem without a HTML front-end.
  • Modify screen identification problem
    When an existing screen identification mark is modified (resized or moved), the new contents of the mark can make the definition inconsistent with the current host screen. Before the behavior was that a warning was issued and the field was deleted. The new behavior is that a question is asked to accept it (i.e. this identification will make the current screen not to match) or to cancel (i.e. the resize action is reverted).
  • Two rectangle can be marked as "editable"
    Pressing the Shift key and marking a new rectangle inside another one can cause both rectangles to be marked as the current ones with the size handles. When the Shift key is pressed, selection of the rectangle under the mouse pointer should be performed and no new rectangle should be created.
  • Compile distribution doesn't always compile the "bin" directory
    The binary output directory (default "bin"), is not always compiled before the Compile distribution adds the files from this "bin" directory.
  • Selection of host rectangle not only when pressing Shift + Mouse Pressed, but also at Mouse Clicked
    It is very difficult for a novice to understand that the Shift key must be pressed in order to select a host field or a screen identification rectangle, when the most normal behavior would be to click in it (and not its frame).
    Selecting a rectangle with the mouse should be possible by mouse down on "frame" (as it is today). But we need to add on "Mouse clicked" (and not moved), this should not initiate creation of a new rectangle (which is the case).
  • Mouse marking in terminal editor to the left or above first character position doesn't include that position
    The resulting rectangle is using the top-left corner of the character when mouse is pressed, and is not included when mouse is to the left or above this character position.
  • Rectangle marking errors
    The following errors are fixed:
    1. When moving the mouse quickly, the rectangle doesn’t always follow. When the mouse button is released, it is however fixed.
    2. Wrong mouse cursor is sometimes used. The mouse cursor shape should never change during the mark or resize operation.
    3. When a screen identification has been made, click once outside of all marks so that no mark is selected. The menu item "Remove mark" is enabled and removes the last created mark.
  • Exiting screen identification could cause a NullPointerException
    The following dump could occur when exiting screen identification when the rectangle type Not Rectangle Content is selected and several undo/redo operations has been performed.
  • Error identifying a screen with other rectangle type than "Exact rectangle content"
    Use the Tutorial Sign on screen. Identify the rectangle (Syste+Subsy+Displ) as Alphanumeric (no space). This is OK. Now extend the right side to include spaces. An error message is shown, the rectangle is still present. Enlarge it even more. You get a new error message, and then the rectangle is gone. Undo/redo doesn't work after properly.
  • Compile distribution displays informational icon in error message
    When the Compile distribution completes with errors, this is displayed in a message box without the "Stop sign", i.e. the informational icon is used and can easily be confused with a successful Compile distribution.
  • Hotspot error: define "90. Logga av" as text for Enter key doesn't work
    Using the Ticket Sample host application, define a hotspot text for the Enter key as "90. Logga av" or "Logga av". This will not work and no highlighting is drawn.
  • Changing a rectangle mark in terminal editor quickly can skip resize operation
    The minimum/maximum positions of the current mouse position should be used. This only happens when moving the mouse very quickly.
  • Slow search for browsers in Configure Java panel
    It takes a very long time to search for installed and supported browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • Application migration not always performed
    When an application has been migrated to NetPhantom 4 once, a flag is set in its application INI file. If the terminal and/or application file is overwritten and needs conversion, panels, etc, are not automatically converted. This should be done in those cases too.
  • Unselecting item "Screen - Exact rectangle content" hangs the caller thread that should pop-up the dialog box that is used to select the rectangle type
    This should be checked for every Modal Dialog that is created due to mouse movement as this is now running in the AWT thread!
  • Erroneous warning converting Phantom Macro to REXX code
    A Phantom Macro containing an instruction to "Call REXX" reported that the macro contained the instruction "SendPassword" instead of "CallREXX". No functionality was affected however, and the conversion was done properly.
  • Object not found with IOException not very descriptive
    When an object is not found in an application, the source referencing the object is not shown and therefore can be very difficult to trace where the error is located. A more descriptive ObjectNotFoundException (extending IOException would be better). Errors with "Cannot find Object XXX: Throws IOException"; an accurate description of the "source location problem", e.g. add the location and print it out: control ID/Menu ID/etc, Panel ID, Application.
  • Import panel doesn't do anything
    Selecting a panel for import in another application doesn't perform anything. If a file exists, it doesn't ask if it should be overwritten.
  • Open and convert project doesn't initiate compile of REXX code
    If the option Build automatically is turned off and back on, then compile starts.
  • Clean project doesn't remove .NRX files
    Selecting the menu item File - Clean removes most REXX files, but not .NRX files.
  • Applet still visible in the browser when disposed of
    With certain Java VM's, the NetPhantom Client is still displayed in the applet area inside the browser. Resizing the browser partly causes redrawing the NetPhantom Client area showing that the applet seems disposed of. Now the applet area will show the NetPhantom logo with the message "Not connected".
  • Create controls operation caused undo/redo to fail
    When creating controls with the Create controls menu item (using the PFC routines), undo and redo was inconsistent and could not work at all or display an error message such as "Wrong panel CRC32".
  • Error message PhantomCBar: Cannot find file XXX.PHB does not specify what panel is referring to it
    It's quite difficult to know where the BAR file is used, i.e. what panel is referring to it. This should be specified in the error message.
  • NullPointerException when converting an application
    A NullPointerException as shown below could occur when migrating/converting an application prior to NetPhantom version 4:
            at se.entra.phantom.server.PhantomFile.getFileNameFromAnother
  • Option "Screen - Exact rectangle content" not consistent with previous setting in Phantom.ini
    Leaving the option unselected and exiting the Editor caused the internal state to be "exact", but the menu item is not checked.
  • Phantom Macro conversion errors
    Phantom Macros had two problems at conversion:
    1. rc=ScrMultiWait( is missing ")",
    2. rc=Wait6) is missing "(".
  • Edit field dialog box doesn't remember its location on screen between to "shows" of it
    The last location is stored in Phantom.ini and used when restoring it only when it is defined. This happens when entering/exiting field identification.
  • Tooltip text for "Filler" display empty string or a box
    The terminal part displays the tooltip for a host field definition of the Filler as either nothing or a box (null character) when filled with spaces. It is now displayed in italic as space.
  • Menu item "Copy HTML" in Terminal part is always enabled
    The menu item Edit - Copy HTML is always enabled even if there is no rectangle marked. This applies to both the menu item in the Edit menu and the pop-up menu.
  • Menu item "Edit - Remove mark" is enabled after create controls
    The menu item Edit - Remove mark is enabled after a Create controls operation. This applies to both the menu item in the Edit menu and the pop-up menu.
  • Create controls without panel causes GPF
    When control are to be created by marking in the terminal part, then selecting the menu item "Create controls", the Editor crashes when one of the create controls operations are performed. This menu item should have been disabled in the first place.

Version 4.10 Build 4367 (Release Candidate 2)

  • Sorted combobox manipulated with insert/delete/clear API calls can cause its list to become corrupted
    A combobox with the Sort list option selected causes its list for the runtime application for all users to be common and could therefore easily be corrupted when another user causes the execution of the same type of code using the insert/delete/clear line API. In addition, this could become ever worse for host converted lists.
  • Disabled menu item could be activated
    When having a key attached to a menu item (e.g. Ctrl+F3), the menu item can be activated by pressing this keystroke. When the menu item is disabled or hidden, this is not possible. However, it one of the menu item parent menus is disabled, the keystroke still performed the menu item action.
  • Applet system proxy definition erroneous
    When running a client as an Applet, the Java definition of proxy (in the Java control panel) is searched as a fallback (to the system wide definition). If there is a definition of a proxy this is used even if it is not marked as active. This is incorrect. No proxy should be used in this case.

Version 4.10 Build 4304 (Release Candidate 1)

  • System defined proxy error
    Attempt to use system defined proxy settings was unsuccessful. Specifying this option resulted in that no proxy was used.
  • Menu states in Panel Editor not always up-to-date
    When dialog or message boxes are displayed in the terminal part, certain menu items and possibly connected toolbar buttons should be disabled.
  • Open document failed
    Attempt to open a document in a browser using the REXX function ShowDocument failed giving the following error in the server log: "showDocument failed for url http://XYZ/ABC.pdf in target _blank".
  • Preload of notebook pages option never implemented
    The option Preload all notebook pages of the notebook control was not implemented, just the required page sent to the client.

Version 4.10 Build 4289 (Beta)

  • Message box doesn’t lock underlying panels
    When a message box is displayed when the NetPhantom Client runs as an Applet inside a browser, the underlying panels are not fully locked, their menus can be activated (although nothing happens), etc.
  • Listbox without contents can't get focus with mouse
    A listbox without contents doesn’t set focus to itself when pressing the mouse in columns or in the header (but when resizing a column).
  • Undo/redo panel size drawing error for scroll bar(s)
    In the Panel Editor, after performing undo or redo of a panel size change that causes the vertical and/or horizontal scroll bars to be added/removed, the panel is not properly redrawn. Typically you can see the rest of the vertical scroll bar remaining. Manually causing the panel to repaint solves the problem.
  • Focus in Static text dialog box wrong
    NetPhantom Editor doesn’t place focus correctly in the Panel Editor when editing a Static text control with the option Multiple lines set.
  • Functions in Java allowed from the Panel Editor
    In the Panel Editor, there was no blocking of functions that could perform an operation such as Compile distribution or some other function displaying a dialog box (even changing/closing project). This could lead to instabilities in the system.
  • Console window log "Unrecoverable build error"
    When opening a read-only project file (INI) the Console output window would log the message "Unrecoverable build error: Cannot fetch application configuration” without need to do so.
  • Close panel inside browser doesn’t do anything
    Clicking on the [X] Close icon in the top-right part of a panel when running NetPhantom Client inside a browser cause anything.
  • Hourglass remains when application panel is unlocked
    When running the NetPhantom Client inside a browser, the hourglass remains (instead of the arrow icon), when an application panel is unlocked.
  • Restart or shutdown of server has a delay of 30 seconds
    When performing a Hard JVM Restart or an Immediate Server Restart, there is a delay of 30 seconds before the action is processed (note: this is not always reproducible).
  • Panel workspace not correctly restored
    When reopening a project, the Panel Editor restored the previously opened panels, but not correctly. The operation was also quite slow. Sometimes the edited panels were placed way below the bottom of the panel editor, but using the scroll bars, they could be made visible.
  • The Web Server in NetPhantom Server doesn't start when a CGI definition can't be loaded
    The web server now starts in all cases, but displays the CGI's definitions that can't be loaded or initiated properly.
  • Close project left the project name in the Panel Part
    After closing the project, the project name was still displayed in the title bar of the Panel Part instead of showing <none>.
  • Exit Editor possible with open dialog boxes
    It was possible to exit the Editor with dialog boxes open in the panel part, that could eventually lead to dead-locks.
  • Compile distribution problems
    The following problems existed for Compile distribution in the Editor:
    1. It doesn’t always save all files in the panel part.
    2. It sometimes dead-locks the Editor. If the operation is repeated, it would work.
    3. The project is not locked for changes, e.g. it can be closed while in the process of compiling it.
    4. Text files, i.e. text file (PHM), translation table (PHX), tooltip text (TT), help ID table (PHH), are written in the wrong codepage when performing a Compile distribution.
  • Mnemonics always assumed to be selected for static text
    The Mnemonic option was always assumed for the Client regardless of the check box setting for the static text control. Thus, it was impossible to enter the “tilde” (~) sign unless it was specified twice.
  • NetPhantom Server with runtime file defined as an INI file
    1. The NetPhantom Server should never allow a definition of an application as an INI file.
    2. The Server Administration program allowed selection of an INI files for an application.
    3. Exception with applications defined as an INI file in NetPhantom Server:
      INI file bases applications in the Editor are recompiled automatically (at least checked if a recompile is required). This should only be done with the currently edited application. When such an application is loaded in NetPhantom Server, the following exception occurs:
          java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: se.entra.phantom.server.phed.Start.getIniData0
              at se.entra.phantom.server.phed.Start.getIniData0(Native Method)
              at se.entra.phantom.server.phed.Start.getIniData
              at se.entra.phantom.NetRexxConversion.NetRexxConversion.<init>
              at se.entra.phantom.server.PhantomRuntime.loadIni
  • Menu items and toolbar states not correctly updated
    In the Editor Terminal part, typically after a message box, the menu items and toolbar states are not correctly updated. Moving the mouse in the terminal window resolved the problem.
  • Server restart does not update changes in host configuration
    When reconfiguring or deleting a host configuration in the Editor, the user is asked to restart the server for the changes to take effect. This does not work. The message should say that the Editor needs a restart.
  • Message box position error
    When running the Editor (typically on a computer with two monitors) some message boxes are not centered over the window where they originate from. Instead, they are opened centered in the main monitor.
  • Open last tested or currently matching panel doesn't work
    The menu items Panel Editor menu item Panel - Open last tested or Panel - Open currently matching didn't work.
  • Wrong initial panel is displayed for a screen when multiple panels are connected to the same screen
    When several panels are connected to the same host screen, but just one of these panels is marked as not Secondary panel, the panel displayed could be one of the secondary panels, instead of the Primary panel.
  • Project file corruption
    The INI file used in the Editor for the File - Project configuration may become corrupt when background building and panel editing is done at the same time. Typically the INI file would grow to huge sizes (over megabyte size).
  • Bad synchronization between Terminal and Panel Editors
    When an application load is canceled from the File - Configure project dialog, the Terminal Editor will indicate the <none> project but the Panel Editor will indicate that the project has been loaded.
  • RatioY setting not correctly used with comboboxes and spin buttons
    The RatioY setting is not correctly used for comboboxes and spin buttons to calculate the minimum required height.
  • Panels are always using the option "Font dependent panel size"
    An error in the panel handling causes the option Font dependent panel size always to be set for the NetPhantom Client. This setting should be taken from the Panel definition, under the Option tab in the Panel Editor. This causes panels that used very large or very small fonts not to be displayed with the corresponding size on the Client. As this option has been wrong for a very long time, many applications rely upon this behavior. A new setting in the [base] section of server.ini set as fontDependentPanelSize=0 can now be set. The default value is true, i.e. 1.
  • Tab out of controls could cause NullPointerException
    Tab out of "Field checked controls" (e.g. a combo box) could cause the following exception:
        ServerThread: Internal Program Error in thread: java.lang.NullPointerException
            at se.entra.phantom.server.VirtualControl.issueControlAction
            at se.entra.phantom.server.VirtualCComboBox.issueAction
            at se.entra.phantom.server.VirtualPanel.issueAction
            at se.entra.phantom.server.VirtualPanel.clientUpdated
    This exception could occur when an object of type Java server code is connected to a control that has the option Field check enabled, thus causing the Object to receive the UserChange and Check object messages. If the Java server code returned a null return string, this error would occur.
  • Exception when displaying a panel and an error exists in the application
    Running the Client from the Editor when one or more application errors exist in e.g. REXX or panel definitions, the following exception could occur:
        ServerThread: Internal Program Error in thread: java.lang.ClassCastException:
        java.lang.String cannot be cast to se.entra.phantom.server.PhantomPanelData
            at se.entra.phantom.server.VirtualPanelSession.processNoLoadedPanelMatches
            at se.entra.phantom.server.VirtualPanelSession.processHostChange0
            at se.entra.phantom.server.VirtualPanelSession.processHostChange
            at se.entra.phantom.server.VirtualSessionManager.commitChanges
            at se.entra.phantom.server.VirtualSessionManager.processHostChange
            at se.entra.phantom.server.ClientSession.processHostEvent
  • Event log shows duplicate entries
    When looking at the Event Log through the Server Administration GUI (in the Editor or Server Administration Client connected to the Editor), the entries are duplicated in the list. This is typically seen when sorting the list according to event time.
  • Editor GUI should not use RatioX/Y or font mappings
    The Editor GUI should use the base definitions or fonts and ratio’s, regardless of application settings.
  • RESURL specification doesn't work with sub-folders
    When setting the RESURL for the client to "http://something/subfolder" it assumes "http://something" instead.
  • SmartApplet didn't support RESJAR option
    The SmartApplet files under install-dir/applet didn't contain the RESJAR parameter from the caller of SmartApplet HTML included CGI.
  • Error message "HTTP-START-APP: Can't set applications" shown when starting a HTML Client Application
    When starting an application defined as a HTML application and the server didn't have enough licenses left, the error message "HTTP-START-APP: Can't set applications" was displayed in the client browser rather than "Too many concurrent client connections...".
  • Title bar in Panel Editor shows the PHA file name instead of project name
    The title bar in the Panel Editor should display the current project name (with the .INI file extension), not the .PHA file.

Version 4.01 Build 4250

  • Dead-lock in Editor GUI
    On rare occasions the GUI in NetPhantom Editor could dead-lock. This would typically happen when events from mouse/keyboard, host and modal dialogs are processed at the same time in two or more threads.
  • Configure project or open an existing project hangs before displaying the dialog box
    Selecting the option Configure project or an existing project in the list of INI files in the File menu causes the dialog box of Configure project not to be displayed and the terminal part becomes unresponsive, but doesn’t hang it’s window drawing updates.
  • Internal error when Compiling a distribution
    When Compiling a distribution is done with an application that doesn’t contain any panels, you get an Internal Error (NullPointerException not handled).
  • Many host session definition errors logged in the server
    At startup, the server will generate a lot of error messages indicating that the host session definitions cannot be read in the server.ini file.
  • Hot-spots do not always work
    Hot-spots were never active in the terminal window and function keys F10-F24 did not work correctly in the Editor.
  • Option Save automatically doesn't always work
    The option Save automatically sometimes caused a message box to be prompted to the user asking to save a file.
  • Compile distribution and Run application doesn't automatically save all files
    When Compile distribution or Run application options are selected, e.g. panels are not saved prior to the compile. A Save all function should be performed prior to the compile or run.
  • The Server always tries to add BouncyCastle as Security Provider
    The NetPhantom Server always tried to add BouncyCastle as Security Provider for SSL, even if the SSL engine is not used, thus the bcprov.jar file always had to be in the classpath with NetPhantomServer.jar.
  • Mouse wheel doesn't work in the Panel Editor list boxes
    Depending on the mouse vendor and support software, mouse wheel didn’t always work in the Panel Editor list boxes under Windows 2000, 2003, XP or Vista.

Version 4.00 Build 4233

  • Screen identification is duplicated when saving
    In the Terminal Editor, when a screen identification is saved (after modification) it appears twice in listings (e.g in the Copy/Delete/Rename screen identifications).
  • Many errors in [Host] section causes NullPointerException for Server Admin
    When e.g. the HostCodePage is not correctly defined in server.ini in the [Host] section the Server Administration program would cause the NetPhantom Client to get a NullPointerException when started.
    Processing of the [Host] section now displays all errors encountered with a single entry in the NetPhantom log with a list of all the errors encountered.
  • [Host] section hard to read
    After doing Server - Configure - Base in the Server Administration Program, the entries were stored in the section in a random way, not at all how they were ordered before the server.ini is saved.
  • PanListSetSel for comboboxes
    The REXX function PanListSetSel is used for selecting items in a list. This function did not always work when called on a combobox object.
  • NetPhantom Starter
    The starter did not take a corrected server specification into account the next time the starter was invoked.
  • NetPhantom Starter with SSL
    Depending on the SSL configuration on the server, the Starter couldn't connect properly, typically in conjunction with client certificates and/or authentication.
  • Searching for an existing project in NetPhantom Editor
    After pressing the button "..." to locate a previously existing INI file, its content was not filled in the dialog box (workaround: press the "Open" button afterwards).
  • Internal error in the SSL part of the Server
    The following error could occur when closing a NetPhantom Client using SSL:
        java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: The method shutdownInput() is not supported in SSLSocket
            at se.entra.phantom.server.socket.SocketClientCommunication.close
            at se.entra.phantom.server.ClientSession.dispose
            at se.entra.phantom.server.ClientSession.disposeInternal