Fixes in NetPhantom 6.60 Build 6600

These are fixes done since version 6.50 Build 6500 in chronological order.

Version 6.60 Build 6600

  • RFE: License request
    The license request process has been improved with a new tool. With the new tool, the request process is detatched from the "live" license used in the system. It affects how licenses are requested, activated and deactivated. The new tool can be accessed from the License dialog as buttons located at the license/activation codes.

Version 6.50 Build 6572

  • Loading of ComboBox
    A ComboBox can have an empty file reference for contents. However, this caused an error when the application was loaded: General I/O Error: Combobox file '': ...
  • Popup menus in Notebook
    Notebook pages now use the parent page popup menu if it is defined. This if the notebook page does not have a menu definition itself. In that case, the menu definition of the page is used.
  • Reloading of project in Editor
    Changes in the application were not taken into account when the application was launched (for test) from the Editor. This, for example, meant that changed user properties were not present by default in a launched application. The workaround was to force a reload by closing and re-opening the project in the Editor.

Version 6.50 Build 6571

Version 6.50 Build 6558

  • Text files loading
    If an application directory had a point (.) in the path, text files for that project could not be loaded. The Java log listed "Error in project ..." messages.
  • Large wrapping menu bars layout error
    When using very large wrapping menu bars the layout could become wrong when maximizing and restoring a panel.
  • Catch as EE
    Catching a host screen in the Editor produced a file which was not possible to load using EmulatorEmulator in the Server.
  • GUI focus v/s Host compatibility with NetPhantom 3.9
    A very small change in compatibility is corrected in the situation when a GUI-on-the-fly panel is reused and the host session is unlocked.
  • Object calling always has a default return code
    The default return codes for Object in regards to the message Char and Xlate are always set, even in case of Object failure. This enforces appropriate behavior for Async Objects, even if the Object Filtering is not correctly defined.

Version 6.50 Build 6557

  • Application merge text files
    If applications were merged and the main application had a application file name longer than 8 characters, the merge process failed. The build log listed unresolved text references.
  • Virtualized server hardware identification
    In some cases, running the NetPhantom server/editor on a virtualized server (e.g VMWare) could cause problems related to the license system. This since configuration of the virtualization platform to act as "normal hardware" as far as hardware profile can be relatively complex and error prone. In this version, an option was added to address this issue. Please contact for information on how to use this option.
  • Logging of StackOverflowError in Client
    The errors below are fixed. These errors did however not affect the Client more than logging the error and generally happened when exiting the Client when running inside a browser.
      Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-2" java.lang.StackOverflowError
        at javax.swing.DefaultFocusManager.getComponentAfter(Unknown Source)
        at se.entra.phantom.client.PFocusManager.getComponentAfter(Unknown Source)
        at javax.swing.LegacyGlueFocusTraversalPolicy.getComponentAfter(Unknown Source)
        at javax.swing.SortingFocusTraversalPolicy.getComponentAfter(Unknown Source)
        at javax.swing.LayoutFocusTraversalPolicy.getComponentAfter(Unknown Source)
        at javax.swing.DefaultFocusManager.getComponentAfter(Unknown Source)
        at se.entra.phantom.client.PFocusManager.getComponentAfter(Unknown Source)
      Internal program error in NetPhantom Client. Details: java.lang.StackOverflowError
      Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-2" java.lang.StackOverflowError
        at se.entra.phantom.client.PFocusManager.getPControl(Unknown Source)
        at se.entra.phantom.client.PFocusManager.compareTabOrder(Unknown Source)
        at Source)
        at Source)
        at java.util.TimSort.countRunAndMakeAscending(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.TimSort.sort(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.Arrays.sort(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.Collections.sort(Unknown Source)
        at javax.swing.SortingFocusTraversalPolicy.enumerateAndSortCycle(Unknown Source)
        at javax.swing.SortingFocusTraversalPolicy.getFocusTraversalCycle(Unknown Source)
        at javax.swing.SortingFocusTraversalPolicy.getFirstComponent(Unknown Source)
        at javax.swing.LayoutFocusTraversalPolicy.getFirstComponent(Unknown Source)
        at javax.swing.DefaultFocusManager.getFirstComponent(Unknown Source)
        at se.entra.phantom.client.PFocusManager.getFirstComponent(Unknown Source)

Version 6.50 Build 6556

  • A pop-up menu connected to a listbox column could cause the client to exit
    In certain situations, a pop-up menu that is connected to a listbox column (not the listbox), could cause the Client to exit with an internal error "pop-up menu not found", or a transaction error in the client.
  • NetPhantomClientImages.jar now signed with a timestamp
    The security requirements in Java should require all Jar files to be timestamped in order no to display the warning message below. NetPhantomClientImages.jar is not signed and timestamped. The message is "Warning: This jar contains signatures that does not include a timestamp. Without a timestamp, users may not be able to validate this jar after the signer certificate's expiration date (2016-01-26) or after any future revocation date".
  • Administration access
    In the server configuration file (server.ini), the entries "adminAccessControl" and "adminPortDisabled" were duplicated. This meant that if these values were edited directly in the configuration file, the changes could, or could not be taken into account (depending on which were edited). However, changing the values through the GUI always worked.
  • Text file names
    The character case was not handled properly for text files (.PHX and .PHM). That meant that an erroneous project could be imported into NetPhantom 6 and would appear correct until build time. At this point, a generic "Cannot find file" error was displayed in the log.
    The correction is that imported projects are checked/corrected and errors are shown in Eclipse (at design time) and at build time if there exist problems with the case of the text file names.
  • Default file location
    For NetPhantom 6, the default file location for text files is under the "app" directory. This directory is located in the same directory as the application JAR file for an installed application. This location is used when files are loaded (e.g. external combobox files) and when files are handled in executable user code (REXX or Java). In this version, various exceptions to this rule have been corrected.
  • Set text files
    When setting text files (.PHX and .PHM) programatically, the files remained unchanged. This despite the fact that the method calls returned successful status.

Version 6.50 Build 6551

  • Shift-Insert in text fields
    Pasting text in text fields using Shift-Insert resulted in the text being inserted twice.
  • Regression: Editor: Import REXX Objects
    Regression corrected in Editor when importing REXX Objects. The list contained the pop-up menus and not REXX Applications and REXX Macros.

Version 6.50 Build 6550

  • Eclipse plug-in
    Corrected NetPhantom preference page dialog to change checkbox "Target NetPhantom Server runs Java 7" to use a combobox with Java versions 6 to 8.
  • Certificates wizard
    Minor corrections for Java 8.
  • Better server logging in listbox
    Enhanced the logging for error in sending page up/down keys to indicate panel and screen location.

Version 6.50 Build 6547

  • Editor: regression in Import Project
    A regression error could cause importing of a NetPhantom 5.x project to fail with a NullPointerException when the option "Automatic Client Jar" is selected.

Version 6.50 Build 6546

  • REXX SendEMail commands
    The SetContentType command was not handled when using the REXX API.
    The SetAutUser and SetAutPassword commands were called SetUser and SetPassword respectively. The correction is that both command name variants works.

Version 6.50 Build 6545

  • Client failure with erroneous combobox line selection
    The Client could fail to work properly, typically with painting problems (so it looked like it was hung) due to a combobox API error on the server. This could happen when program (written in REXX or Java) calls the API selection functions to select a line index larger than the combobox line count. This error did not always occur the first time when the line is selected but rather at a later painting stage. If the combobox is host connected, this error is more difficult to produce (if possible at all). When this error occurred, the Java Console on the Client contains output of NullPointerException or IndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • Editor freezes or dead-locks in Edit Listbox column dialog box
    When selecting the column adjustment (right, left or center) of the listbox column for a panel in the Editor, the Editor freezes without consuming CPU due to a thread dead-lock and must be closed with the Task Manager.

Version 6.50 Build 6537

  • Regression: Editor: combobox save file in Jar error
    The Editor saved the data for a combobox that has the options Host conversion and Predefined list with the host contents and list contents strings swapped when compiling a project to a Jar file.

Version 6.50 Build 6536

  • Server certificate
    When running in SSL mode, the NetPhantom starter lets the client chose whether to accept a server certificate or not. Before, the dialog showed information about the wrong certificate in the chain.
  • Duplicate identifier check
    In the panel editor, a check for uniqueness for component identifiers is done at panel save. The static text components were not included in this check.

Version 6.50 Build 6530

  • Jar manifest attributes
    Java introduced new Jar manifest attributes relating to security in version 1.7.0u25 as described here. Without the use of these attributes, the following warning messages were logged in the Client Java Console window when running the NetPhanton Client: "Missing Permissions manifest attribute for ..." and "Missing Codebase manifest attribute for ...".
  • Editor: builder error message "Failed Client Jar operation"
    Projects using Client Jar's that are built with client based code, such as the NetPhantom Swing and Java 2D samples, could produce an error message that the Client Jar could not be created just after a Clean operation. This is normal because Eclipse has not yet compiled the sources, thus the message is now shown as a normal output message (as the operation is run again at a later stage).
  • Editor: verification of classpath in distribution
    The classpath definition of an application allows directories and jar files. However, if a directory was defined in the classpath of an application, compilation of any application including that application would fail.
  • Editor: updates to text file is not shown in open panel
    Panels containing references to the text file are not updated in the Panel Editor when changes to the text file are saved. The panels must be re-opened to reflect the changes.
  • Editor: list box headers do not resolve text file IDs
    List boxes in the Panel Editor with references to text file IDs show the headings as @*TEXTID@ rather than the resolved text.
  • Editor: external modification of files in open projects errors
    Several errors corrected for externally modified files in an open project in the Editor. The only way to handles externally updated files was to close the project and re-open it. Changes to external files is now cause dynamic updates to terminal file, text files (also reflected in open panels) and translation table. If the application file (.PHA) is changed, the project is automatically closed. If a panel is changed and it is open in the Panel Editor, the panel is closed. Closing panels and project is required in order to handle external changes to several files, e.g. when checking out a new version from repository.

Version 6.50 Build 6525

  • Temporary Client Jar files not deleted when Client exits
    Due to JVM implementation, the NetPhantom Client temporary Jar files are not deleted properly because the file(s) remains open in the Jar class loader. Temporary Client Jar files are used when the Client Jar's are not cached, i.e. the option to Cache the Jar file(s) is unselected in the Project Configuration. A workaround is now implemented that loads the Client Jar files into memory directly and places then in the classpath from memory. Thus the files are only present on disk for a very short period of time.
  • Editor: Eclipse with Samples Workspace hangs on start
    When starting the Eclipse Samples Workspace the first time, it sometimes hangs when importing the projects and the status bar shows a build progress at 3 to 12%.
  • Editor: Undo panel resize
    After a panel has been saved in the Panel Editor, it was impossible to undo a panel resize action.
  • Editor: Preview of image
    When defining an external image component in the Panel Editor, the preview was not available if the corresponding file name contained a space character.
  • Editor: Minor corrections in Eclipse REXX Editor plug-in
    Corrections for minor errors:
    • outline unsynchronized after preferences dialog box Apply or OK,
    • stem variables in two or more dimensions can cause listing of duplicate variables in outline,
    • spell check between strings of e.g. variables,
    • Apply settings, dual DO/END keyword marks can occur,
    • preferences dialog box text for color "(only for parenthesis)",
    • folding options not always synchronized after preferences dialog box Apply or OK.

Version 6.50 Build 6515

  • Combobox files inside Jar file are not reloaded
    When having combobox files inside a Jar file (the option Allow external combobox files is unselected), the files are not reloaded when the application Jar is reloaded. A Hard JVM server restart is required.
  • Client Jar files ignored when option to Cache files is unselected
    When the project option to Cache client Jar files is unselected, the client ignores adding the session-local downloaded file(s) to classpath resulting in poorer image performance. This also caused applications not configured to use cached images not able to load external images.
  • Editor: Error message when saving text file
    When loading the text file for the first time in a project using the "Text file" dialog, it fails. This because a reload of the current, non-defined text file was made. After the error message saying "Failed reloading the text file...", the new text file will be loaded and this problem will not show itself again.
  • Editor: Application references and Eclipse references error with combobox files (CMB)
    Files for comboboxes and spin buttons showed references e.g. to text ID's and host fields when the CMB files does not have references at all.
  • Editor: Eclipse NetPhantom wizard selection not bypassed
    When selecting the NetPhantom toolbar items for New project or New REXX/Java Object, Eclipse shows the wizards as selection choices rather than to bypass this dialog box.

Version 6.50 Build 6507

  • Editor: Distribution errors
    The following errors are corrected for Distribution creation inside the Editor or in Batch mode:
    • Failure if an application doesn't have panels
      A NullPointerException causes distribution to fail when creating a distribution of applications that doesn't have panels nor hidden screens.
    • Better error message for mismatch of Object and Pop-up menu
      When creating a distribution of multiple applications and a mismatch of Object and Pop-up menu occurs, the error message does not specify the Object or Pop-up menu ID and not the application.
    • Failure in validation step when merging into a base project without text file
      When a base project does not have a text file specified and the output Jar is specified in lower case, and the distribution merges in other projects containing text files, the text file is created in lower case (with extension .PHM), when it should have been in upper case.

Version 6.50 Build 6505

  • Editor: Creation of new notebook control fails
    During creation of a new notebook control, focus is sometimes quickly changed from the Panel Editor to another window and then back. When this happens, the notebook is not created successfully and this often results in several error message boxes for Undo/Redo until the panel in question is closed and reopened.
  • Editor: Version 5 Batch Build destination
    The application (jar) file was generated in the wrong place when a batch build targeting a version 5 was performed. The application file was put in the working directory of the java process (i.e. the directory in which the batch build was initiated) as opposed to the directory specified in the application project settings.
  • Editor: Error in application text file
    If an application has a text file that contains invalid lines such as duplicate or invalid IDs, an error message stating that the "File %s could not be created" is shown. Using the Text file dialog box and loading the erroneous file works just fine. The correct error message is now shown, and in the Text file dialog box, invalid lines are ignored when loaded and shown with a message box warning.
  • Editor: Eclipse project synchronization
    After deletion of a project in Eclipse and re-importing it ("Import current project in Eclipse workspace" in the NetPhantom Editor), the project remained un-synchronized with NetPhantom. The work-around is to close and open the project in Eclipse. This initiates a synchronization and from that point, the project remains synchronized.
  • Editor: Importing existing project (null pointer)
    When importing a project and using the "Automatic client jar" option, the import could fail with a NullPointerException.
  • Editor: Importing existing project (REXX error)
    The REXX files in the original project were converted (and concatenated) to a file called "null.rexx". This caused object reference issues in the converted project.
  • Editor: External image definition selection
    When defining an external image in the Panel editor, the current selection was not set in the image selection dialog. This meant that not canceling the dialog would change the image.

Version 6.50 Build 6501

  • Mail character encoding problem
    Mails are sometimes not handled correctly using national characters. This is now solved by forcing use of UTF-8 text encoding in both Subject and Content body.
    The mail.jar file is updated Java Mail 1.5.
    Added REXX SendEMail command "setContentType" and MailCommand parameters "TYPE", "REPLY", "NLSMESSAGE" parameters, where "TYPE" used to set e.g. "text/html" content type of a mail message body instead of default "text/plain", "REPLY" to set the Reply-To address and "NLSMESSAGE" to creates a test NLS message subject and body.