Fixes in NetPhantom 6.70 Build 6700

These are fixes done since version 6.60 Build 6600 in chronological order.

Version 6.70 Build 6700

  • Batch files do not use the Quick-Start JDK 1.8 installed
    The JDK 1.8 shipped with NetPhantom Quick-Start is not used in the batch files (.BAT), the default JRE is used instead. In clean installations of e.g. Windows 10, there are sometimes no JRE installed, and the batch files therefore produce errors when launched.
  • Executables needs update to support Windows 10
    Windows 10 needs requires the EXE/DLL files manifests to include it's version in order to enable its support.

Version 6.60 Build 6634

  • Text prompt preview
    Text prompt priviews were not displayed correctly in the Editor. This only concerned text prompts with texts including host field references and a default text like: "@F_1/Example propmpt@". In this case, the field reference ("@F_1@") was displayed instead of the default text ("Example text"). Note: This issue did not affect the runtime behavior but only visible in the Editor.

Version 6.60 Build 6633

  • Host screen connection
    Launching an application from the Editor could result in that the host screen connections were broken. This happened in two cases: 1: If the relevant host screen was copied and used as reference for a panel. 2: If a panel changed host screen connection. The workaround for this problem, in both cases, would be to restart the Editor.

Version 6.60 Build 6632

  • Host color conversion stack overflow on client
    The API functions getForegroundColor, getBackgroundColor and getFont could in certain situations cause a Stack Overflow exception for spin button, combobox and MLE, when used in conjunction with host color conversion.

Version 6.60 Build 6631

  • Listbox sorting
    If a listbox was sorted and the contents was recreated (e.g. a "setListFromFile" call), selection in the list was not correct. This due to that the new entries were not sorted as they were put in the list. A new sort of the list after creation corrected the issue.
  • Client callObject
    REXX/Java code can be invoked from the client by using the "callObject" method. When the corresponding object was defined as being "synchronous" combined with the use of the "doModal" parameter, caused the method to lock. The way that the "callObject" works now is that the doModal parameter controls whether or not a reply is given - doModal set to "true" means that a reply is returned.

Version 6.60 Build 6630

  • Combobox selection (part 2)
    The solution for the combobox selection in build 6626 did not cover empty strings. This is fixed in this build.

Version 6.60 Build 6626

  • Combobox selection
    When entering text in the combobox entryfield that did not match any items in the drop-down list, e.g. a host-converted text value, the selected index of the client combobox was not reset resulting in client sending the same selected index to the server as an update instead of the new text entry without selected index. This could be seen in combination with focus changes, typically when changing panels.

Version 6.60 Build 6625

  • Print window
    The print window function funtionality produced incomplete images. Note: This only occurred when the function was called as a next-window option (*PRTWIN).
  • Background color of read-only Entry fields
    In Nimbus look-and-feel, the read-only entry fields were not displayed with the correct background. The correct background would be the panel background but the component showed the default color (of the non-read-only field).

Version 6.60 Build 6624

  • 5250 datastream problem
    The line to display the host induced error message was not included in SaveScreen/RestoreScreen commands. The error message could therefore be located e.g. at the last line of a previous popup of the screen instead of the last line.
  • Debug option
    When a project configuration was saved in the Editor, the Java debug option was not handled correctly. This resulting in the option being shown as set (always) but never used in the compilation.

Version 6.60 Build 6623

  • Pop-up menu code page handling
    When a pop-up menu file was saved, the corresponding code page was applied. This meant that applications converted to version 6 correctly but when menus were changed (and saved) they lost any language support. Please note: this did not affect menus which have their text externalized (using text IDs).

Version 6.60 Build 6622

  • Import project
    The migration to version 6 of some applications failed. This occured when the application contained REXX macros to be converted.
  • Save text file
    The panels in the Panel Editor were not updated when a new text file was saved.

Version 6.60 Build 6621

  • Mark in notebook page
    The contents of panels can be marked for copy by mouse drag action. Notebook pages were not possible to mark in this way.
  • Application references
    Listing all references for an application by calling File - Application references... failed. This happened only when the project was only used to merge other applications (i.e. when the application did not have any references itself).
  • Text components length
    Components can be created in the terminal editor by selecting defined host fields, right clicking (or using the Edit menu) and selecting Create components... In doing so, if text based components were chosen to be created, these had a length which was much too long.
  • Terminal colors configuration
    A number of issues related to configuration of terminal colors and the distribution of these to the client have been fixed.
  • Event messenger configuration
    It was not possible to save the configuration of Event messengers. Also, definition of more than one messenger could, in certain cases result in a NullPointerException.

Version 6.60 Build 6620

  • Server SSL connection TLS protocol ordering
    The TLS protocol ordering is now set to TLS 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0 when disallowing SSL version 3.0 to force use of TLS 1.2 when available.
  • HTML component in Nimbus look-and-feel
    The HTML component (static text with HTML option) did not display correctly when using Nimbus look-and-feel. The background was always white and there was a four pixel border added to all components.
  • Request activation code
    When using the License Manager, the option to request activation in the license dialog was never available but showed a "No current license". This even if there was a correct license available.

Version 6.60 Build 6616

  • Combobox selection
    When using the auto-complete option, a string entered in the combobox which matched (non-case sensitive) changed the text to the matched item in the list. This is correct behavior. However the item was not selected in the list.
  • Bar configuration
    The configuration file corresponding to Tool- and Status-bar definitions (.PHB.ini files) could not be loaded. This meant that that any definitions in such files were ignored when running the application.

Version 6.60 Build 6614

  • Application merge
    When merging an application, the defined default panel size was not transferred into the new application. This meaning that the application was given the default panel size which is used when no size is given.
  • Loading of list content
    When the content of a Listbox was set from file, the file had to be located in the “app” directory. If the file was located inside the application jar file, a “Could not load file” was logged and the list was empty.

Version 6.60 Build 6612

  • Background color
    Under some circumstances, the background color of components was correct - editable fields indicated that they were disabled. This happened when changing enabled state of the component in combination with color conversion. The concerned components were Entry Fields, Multiple Line Entry Fields and Spin Buttons.

Version 6.60 Build 6610

  • Regression: Editor: compile distribution for NetPhantom 5 text file problem
    Code page in text files sometimes wrong for national characters.
  • Regression: Editor: compile distribution for NetPhantom 5 system icon problem
    The System Icon user windows were not converted correctly.

Version 6.60 Build 6608

  • Editor: text files code page problem
    In some cases where the Editor saves a text file due to externalized text ID's when creating controls in a panel, the code page could be written in OEM code page, and not in the platform code page as NetPhantom 6 should use.
  • Compile Distribution for NetPhantom 5: system icons
    User Windows in panels that contains system icons are not converted for NetPhantom 5 old format, thus NetPhantom 5 Client doesn't show them correctly.
  • Compile Distribution for NetPhantom 5: line drawing predefined User Window types
    The new NetPhantom 6 predefined User Window types for line drawing that has no counterpart in NetPhantom 5 now produces a compatibility warning when compiling the distribution for NetPhantom 5.

Version 6.60 Build 6607

  • License System dialog problem
    The Configure License Manger License dialog in the License System failed to generate a server limited license code.

Version 6.60 Build 6605

  • Installation of Editor with Administrator rights
    Due to many different problems with an Editor installation of NetPhantom, or NetPhantom Quick Start, the Administator requirements for the installation is now removed, and the program is always installed with the current user priviledges. This means that installing into e.g. :C\Program Files (x86) is no longer supported.
  • Font substitution with scaling error
    Fonts that are substituted in the server are not scaled appropriately in the Client and the Panel Editor (using Display resolution).
  • Change of multiple controls font in Editor
    Changing font for one or more controls in the Panel Editor using the menu item Edit - Font and color did not redraw the controls to show the new font. The panel has to be closed and reopened to show the correct font.

Version 6.60 Build 6602

  • Font substitution in Editor
    Font substitutions defined were not visible in the panel editor. Panels were shown with their originally defined font.
  • Application base name
    Merging applications with a name of the application jar file shorter that eight characters failed. This happened in the case where the text file and/or the translation file for the main application were undefined. The workaround is to (temporarily) rename the jar file to a name longer than eight characters.

Version 6.60 Build 6601

  • Combobox selection
    Selection in the combobox list of possible values can be done with keys(up/down) and with the mouse scroll wheel. Before, when an entry in the input field did not exactly match an item in the list, this value was ignored as the starting point for selection in the list. The changed functionality is that a string that matches a list item, when character case is disregarded, will be used as the starting point.