Fixes in NetPhantom 6.80 after Build 6800

These are fixes done since version 6.70 Build 6700 in chronological order.

Version 6.70 Build 6793

  • Windows Help
    Help for Developer's Reference and REXX Language have been updated to be supported under Windows 10.

Version 6.70 Build 6792

  • Web application start-up
    Under certain conditions, a web application is stopped after loading the first page without possibility to advance to other pages.

Version 6.70 Build 6721

  • Set new user password
    A new user could not reset password if the password was configured to expire at first login.

Version 6.70 Build 6720

  • Bar Controls not thread safe
    Several of the Bar Controls in the server where not thread safe and could cause various strange results when REXX Application(s) and terminal updates refreshed or updated the Bar and its controls.

Version 6.70 Build 6715

  • Terminal hidden
    When running in multi-terminal mode, the terminal was hidden when matching a hidden panel screen.

Version 6.70 Build 6714

  • Old system certificate
    Applications which use images (as in Automatic Client Jar) or external files had these resources signed with the old certificate. These applications need to be rebuilt and republished with this version.

Version 6.70 Build 6712

  • NetPhantom published applications have old certificate
    The Java Web Start (JNLP) published NetPhantom applications are now recompiled and republished to use the new certificate.
  • NetPhantomClientImages.jar has old certificate
    The standard images in NetPhantomClientImages.jar needed resiging with the new certificate.

Version 6.70 Build 6702

  • Tooltip not shown
    The reference to the tooltip file was not saved in the project file when the project was distributed. This meant that tooltips were not shown in the application.
  • HttpSession.getURIParams() API error
    A call to the API method getURIParams() in HttpSession could result in Stack Overflow.

Version 6.70 Build 6701

  • Client ping inhibited
    The setting 'pingClientTimeout' in server.ini was inhibited during modal message boxes that are not answered on the client side. This could cause an eventual network timeout to trigger closing of a client session if the user did not dismiss a message box.
  • Java compiler options
    The Application configuration dialog allowed specifying "-g" options (i.e. debug settings). However, these are handled as a checkbox in the dialog resulting in redundant behavior. Also the dialog did not handle options containing upper case letters correctly.
  • Screen matching
    When creating an merged application distribution, the two screen matching options "Stop search at first match" and "Use binary match method" were not handled correctly. The Stop search at first match is set if any sub-application has the option set. The "Use binary search method" is taken from the base application.