HTML Component

HTML is an option in the Static text control that provides the HTML component available to display HTML version 3.2. Special support for images and hyperlinks is added as described below.


Images in HTML, as specified with the "IMG" tag are loaded from the NetPhantom Client RESURL specification. This means that the images will be loaded e.g. from the NetPhantomClientImages.jar and additional Client Jar files provided with the application, along with a fallback to loading the images from the NetPhantom Web Server. Images are rendered without border by default, unless included in a hyperlink (to remove the border, specify border=0).

An example of an image tag is <img src=Image/netphantom.gif>.


Hyperlinks are defined in HTML with the "A" tag as

      <a href=xxx id=yyy target=zzz>text or elements to hyperlink</a>,

where xxx is the hyperlink reference, id=yyy is an optional ID that can be used by the Server-based application code, and zzz specifies the location of how to handle an external hyperlink in the browser.

The hyperlink operates in two modes:

  1. Object mode calls a NetPhantom Server application Object, and
  2. External mode, linking to external resources (HTML pages, PDF documents, media, etc).

Object mode

The hyperlink Object mode calls a NetPhantom Server application Object with the Command message (CMD) with the ID parameter as specified in the hyperlink tag (parameter id=yyy). The Object can be defined as Synchronous or Asynchronous, and can be written in REXX or Java (for Java, the REXX Migration Java Object must be used).

External mode

As the NetPhantom Client can run in a browser as well as without, external links should specify a fully qualified URL including protocol (e.g. in order to load properly. When running inside an Applet, the URL’s base is taken from the HTML page that loaded the NetPhantom Client. The last parameter target=zzz is only used when the Client is an Applet, and its value could be _self (to replace the Applet page), _blank for a new browser page (default), or another name of a frame page when the page is displayed within an HTML frameset.