SSL Files Directory

The directory below is the SSL Files Directory that is used by NetPhantom, typically in conjunction with SSL and Client Certificates.

SSL Files Directory

The SSL Files Directory for your machine is:

The algorithm for this directory name is the users home directory concatenated by the string "\.NetPhantom6" (for example under Windows Vista it could be "C:\Users\Some User\.NetPhantom6" or for Unix-based systems "/homedir/.NetPhantom6").

Note: If for some reason the applet is not displayed or the text <Unable to retrieve> is displayed, the applet either cannot start or doesn't pass the Java security engine.

Client Certificates

Client Certificates for a user should be stored in a directory called "clientcerts" under this SSL Files Directory.

Example: "C:\Users\Some Users\.NetPhantom6\clientcerts" for Windows and "/homedir/.NetPhantom6/clientcerts" for Unix.

User-accepted server certificates

All server certificates permanently accepted by a user are stored in a directory called "cacerts" under this SSL Files Directory as DER-encoded certificate files named "ua_ca_nnn.cer".