NetPhantom Ticket Proof of Concept

NetPhantom Ticket Proof of Concept is a sample application (AS/400 based) running under NetPhantom. The purpose is to have an external CRM Microsoft Internet Information Server system to become seamlessly integrated with an AS/400 application using NetPhantom HTML Integration. This is done by having HTML frames on a page and running the NetPhantom application in the main frame.

The sample also shows how to use the NetPhantom Session Pooling in order to gain quick access to terminal sessions.

The application can be run "live" to an AS/400, but also against the provided "EmulatorEmulator" (EE) application (TICKET.EEM).

The CRM system starts the NetPhantom HTML application by having a hyperlink concatenated by ?params where params can be several parameters separated by '+' as parameterName=value.



In order to run the application without the CRM system, a framework of frames and a menu bar has been created. The screen capture on the front page of this document is what is seen when the framework is started.

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