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package se.entra.phantom.server;


 * The server has a global event manager running in a thread. A static method
 * queueEvent is used to create and queue an event. The thread will then empty
 * the event queue and passing it on to the ServerInterface. This user exit
 * is dynamically loaded from a definition in SERVER.INI.
public interface EventInterface2 extends EventInterface
   * Initializes the event user exit.
   * The parameters for the event IDs and the event classes are used
   * to create log entries when appropriate.
   * @throws  IOException  for file errors.
  public abstract void initialize(IniFile ini,
                                  int startEventID ,int startEventClass ,String startEvent ,
                                  int stopEventID  ,int stopEventClass  ,String stopEvent  ,
                                  int rotateEventID,int rotateEventClass,String rotateEvent,
                                  int errorEventID ,int errorEventClass ,String errorEvent) throws IOException;