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package se.entra.phantom.server;

 * This interface must be supported by the user exit that handles
 * the 3270/5250 LU Mapping. This interface extends the LUMapperInterface
 * and is the recommended interface to implement.
public interface LUMapperInterface2 extends LUMapperInterface
   * Gets the 3270/5250 LU name from an internet address
   * (and/or user name).
   * <p>The hostSessionPeer parameter is either a HostSession5250,
   * HostSession3270 or HostSession3270Printer.
   * <p>Note that the clientSession parameter may be null if the host
   * session is started from a session pool.
   * @return
   *    null              for client not allowed,
   *    <br>empty string  for no LU name,
   *    <br>LUName        as a String.
  public abstract String mapClientToHostLU(ClientSession clientSession,
                                           HostSessionPeer hostSessionPeer,
                                           ClientConnectionData ccd,
                                           String host,
                                           int port);