News in NetPhantom 6.6

Below are news implemented in NetPhantom 6.60 Build 6600 since version 6.50 Build 6500.

Also see news in the previous versions.

News in Version 6.60 Build 6600

These are news since version 6.50 Build 6500:

  • Eclipse Luna 4.4.0
    NetPhantom Quick Start is bundled with Eclipse Luna 4.4.0.
  • Java 8 Update 5 and Java 7 Update 60
    NetPhantom Quick Start is bundled with Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 5 (JDK 8u5) and Java SE Runtime Environment 7 Update 60 (JRE 7u60).
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2
    NetPhantom Client and all programs in NetPhantom for the server now supports Windows Server 2012 R2. The server programs are NetPhantom Server, Cluster Controller, License Manager and Remote utilities.
  • Support for Windows 8.1
    NetPhantom Client now supports Windows 8.1.
  • Team development
    NetPhantom now supports integrated team development with the Eclipse Collaboration platform using source control management such as Git, CVS or SVN.
  • REXX Editor
    New REXX Editor in Eclipse with syntax coloring, source outline, procedure, label and comment folding, occurrences marking, matching Do/End keyword and parenthesis matching selection, spell checking, rename refactoring, etc.
  • Certificate wizard
    NetPhantom now provides a streamlined way of handling certificates and configuring SSL security: Certificate wizard.
  • Java 7 and 8 enhanced security model
    NetPhantom now supports the enhanced security model for verifying and signing Jar files introduced in Java 7 Update 25.
  • Signing Jar files with Time Stamping Authority
    In order to meet the new security in Java, NetPhantom now supports Trusted Timestamping when signing Jar files using a Time Stamping Authority. A project that uses signing of Jar files now has the option to timestamp the file when signing it. This requires Internet connection at the time of the signing. The Project settings for "Configure Jar file Signing" are extended with the new settings. The Editor may also be configured to use such signing by default using the menu item "Options - Configure Jar Signing" from the Terminal part.
  • New security requirements
    NetPhantom now provides the latest Java security requirements for Java 7. For more information see New security requirements for RIAs in 7u51 (January 2014).
  • Strong encryption
    The major certificate authorities (CA) now do not longer support 1024 bit (and weaker) encrytion for SSL. The security model of NetPhantom supports 2048 and 4096 bit encryption.
  • Standard CA support
    The SSL version of the NetPhantom client and starter now supports verification via the standard keystores. This means that the CA root certificates of the major certificate autorities can be seamlessly used to establish the authentication of the server.
  • New sample for mass changing an application
    A new sample to mass change all panels in an application is provided. The sample changes the Case sensitive option for comboboxes. The sample is integrated into the Editor using the Editor's Toolbox. It is a good base for creating specialized routines for mass changing panels in an application if its Java code is customized appropriately.
  • Mail package updated to Java Mail 1.5.2
    The NetPhantom mail.jar file is now using Java Mail 1.5.2.

Previous versions

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