News in NetPhantom 3.1

  • GUI-on-the-fly.
  • Host session pooling.
  • Dynamic table CGI for HTML applications.
  • New JDBC sample (both Java Client and as HTML application).
  • Full Euro symbol support in both EBCDIC and OEM code pages.
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for HTML applications.
  • New packaging and native controller programs when running NetPhantom in AS/400 Version 4.5 or better using JDK 1.3.
  • OneLogin featuring single-login for the same user for multiple connections with a NetPhantom Java Client.
  • Cursor positioning in host terminal screen using the mouse.
  • New performance measurement-enabling tools:
    • TelnetTracer combined with TelnetPlayback. These utilities are the foundation for being able to simulate a host environment of several hundreds or thousands of concurrent users to a host system.
    • Stress-test clients with or without Java GUI (Stress and StressNoGUI), runs several concurrent clients to the same server with minimal resource requirements. These utilities can be used to "emulate" a use environment on few fast computers of several hundreds or even thousands of normal clients.
  • Server Administration enhanced with "Client ping" in the Statistics panel used to measure the server responsiveness. This feature is typically used when doing performance measurements of a NetPhantom Server.
  • New function under Server Administration menu item "Server - Thread usage" displaying the currently running threads for each client. This enhancement eases problem determination, typically when having application with a lot of "REXX Applications".
  • Performance enhancement for incomming Web or Java Client requests in the Server when being heavily loaded by many Java Clients or simultaneous browser requests.
  • Certain kernel function in NetPhantom rewritten for optimal performance in conjunction with most Just-in-time-compilers for the Java Virtual Machine 1.3. This results in a better overall performance when a server drives many clients.
  • New setting to enable native class loading of REXX-converted code in Java classes, option "useNativeClassLoader=1" in [base] section in "server.ini". Note that application reload does not reload the class files with this option. For AS/400, this is a performance enhancement, other platforms does not show great improvements in load speed.
  • New options for HTML document parsing in server.ini:
    • htmlWriterIndenting: should paresed HTML code be indented or not, default is no indent.
    • htmlWriterPreserveSpaces: should parsed HTML code preserve or strip spaces from source HTML.
  • New serializer Xerces 1.3 from Apache in the OpenXML package (conforms to JAXP specifications).
  • @**HOST@ special variable now supported in NetPhantom for e.g. REXX function PanGetText.
  • New REXX function rc=ShowDocument(url,target) that displays an URL in a browser window (default target is "_blank", i.e. a new browser window).
  • Spin button enhanced to support same functions as a combobox, e.g. REXX function PanListXxx and VirtualInterface functions such as insertLine, setLine.
  • Server User Windows can now be global and application local (first APPNAME.serverUserWindow.MODULE_PROCEDURE is loaded, and if this fails serverUserWindow.MODULE_PROCEDURE will be tried).
  • Function HostHideSession sets a different text in terminal window on client side.
  • NetPhantom Client JAR files are now signed by Entra for use with Java 2 with a certificate from Thawte.
  • 3270 host printing for LU3 printing fully functional.
  • The mail utility will now take host name from system properties. This can be done by setting System-Property("") from the command line in the following name:

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