News in NetPhantom 3.6

These are news implemented in NetPhantom 3.60 Build 1200. For details of a build version before version 3.6, follow this link.

  • RAPP - the Remote Application API. This new API allows a "new type of client" (previously Java and HTML clients) -- the Remote Application.

    Using this Java API, Remote Applications can interact with a NetPhantom Application and the host session to perform advanced transactions that includes both data retrieval and updating information in the host.

    Typical usage: Java Servlets, JSP (Java Server Pages), JMS (Java Message Service) and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans).

    The following features are included:

    • Support for pure socket and SSL connection to NetPhantom Server.
    • Backup server and load balancing support.
    • Remote user authentication support.
    • Administration of applications, security, etc, from the Server Administration program.
    • Sample as Java Application is included.
  • Reduced server-to-client transactions by 20 to 40% by added support for caching of strings between server and client. The size of the cache and minimum and maximum string sizes are configurable using the Server Administration program. The data traffic from the server to the client is reduced by at least 20% (and sometimes much closer to 40%). This is typical when a user works in a limited set of panels. Note that this requires more memory for the client, but can result in a much higher memory usage on the server side as the cache size is multiplied with the number of concurrent users.
  • Performance enhancement: the server now allows multiple threads to accept incoming socket connection (plain socket communication or using SSL). This enhancement is typically used for heavy server load when many clients want to connect at the same time. The Server Administration program also provides an interface to configure it.
  • New web browser installation program for NetPhantom full installation and the NetPhantom Starter installations. Support for browsers Netscape 4.x and better (including 6.x, 7.x), Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and better. The Sun Java2 plug-in is also supported.
  • Support for the Mouse Wheel for the NetPhantom Client application and applet running under Microsoft Java VM (inside Internet Explorer or standalone using JView). Previous support for the Mouse Wheel was implemented for JDK 1.4. This support is now added for spin button, combo box, list box, multiple line entry field, sub window and all panels that get scroll bars.
  • New options for HTML Web Application:
    • Option to Reuse previous session for the same client session. All global variables from the previous session are transferred to the new session (except session-specific variables).
    • Option to Restart previous session for the same client session. The Application Object receives the START object message and must return "1" to keep the session alive. Other values causes the same functionality as the "Reuse previous session" option.
    These options can be set from the Server Administration program.
  • New API setting for Send Mail in REXX gives the ability to specify the mail host that previously had to be set on the Java command line as "".
  • Enhanced host pop-up window recognition, allowing a more relaxed identification of the pop-up windows. This feature is oriented to 3270 environments where the operating system does not provide "native" support for pop-up windows (as opposed to 5250). This feature is not selectable, it is always used.
    Note: This feature has been added to Phantom Hurricane 3.49d.
  • Support for defining the default ISO font, thus enabling support for web documents (in HTML or XML) using e.g. the Greek character set. This support only applies to data input from the user to the server in e.g. HTML forms or HTML applications. The setting is called "codePageISO" in the [base] section of "server.ini". Configuration using Server Administration program is also available.
  • Support for defining the default Ansi font, thus enabling support for EE applications using e.g. the Greek character set. The setting is called "codePageAnsi" in the [base] section of "server.ini". Configuration using Server Administration program is also available.
  • All EEM and corresponding EE files are now shared for all client connections (when EE host sessions are defined), resulting is faster client connections and smaller memory requirements.
  • Option to always use a bold font for the terminal emulator window on the client side. This can make the screens more readable.
  • Option to disable host alarm when GUI panels are visible.
  • Option to turn on/off highlighting of the current notebook tab under Windows look-and-feel (actually the highlighting makes the non-current tabs darker).
  • New sample "Ticket Proof of Concept" showing an external CRM Microsoft Internet Information Server system becoming seamlessly integrated with an AS/400 application using NetPhantom HTML Integration by using HTML frames.
  • Support for data input using Unicode (UTF-8) in any HTML form in a NetPhantom HTML application. A new sample to demonstrate this has been added.
  • New certificate from VeriSign used to sign the JAR files.
  • New option to set the Host Codepage for each host session ID. To set the codepage for a host session before the terminal type: specify e.g. "*HCP:Cp278" for Swedish, i.e. the "server.ini" line for this host session ID would be: "U=3270 23 *HCP:Cp278,3279-2". Possible codepages (case sensitive names) are:
      Cp037   USA/Canada(Bilingual/French)/Netherlands/
      Cp1140  USA/Canada(Bilingual/French)/Netherlands/
              Portugal/Brazil/Australia + Euro
      Cp1046  Open Edition US EBCDIC
      Cp273   Austria/Germany
      Cp1141  Austria/Germany + Euro
      Cp277   Denmark/Norway
      Cp1142  Denmark/Norway + Euro
      Cp278   Finland/Sweden
      Cp1143  Finland/Sweden + Euro
      Cp280   Italy
      Cp1144  Italy + Euro
      Cp284   Spain/Catalan/Latin America (Spanish)
      Cp1145  Spain/Catalan/Latin America (Spanish)
              + Euro
      Cp285   United Kingdom/Ireland
      Cp1146  United Kingdom/Ireland + Euro
      Cp297   France
      Cp1147  France + Euro
      Cp420   Arabic
      Cp424   Hebrew
      Cp500   EBCDIC 500V1 (Belgium/Canada/Switzerland)
      Cp1148  EBCDIC 500V1 (Belgium/Canada/Switzerland)
              + Euro
      Cp838   Thailand extended SBCS
      Cp855   Cyrillic
      Cp857   Turkish
      Cp869   Modern Greek
      Cp870   Multilingual Latin-2 (Serbia)
      Cp871   Iceland
      Cp1149  Iceland + Euro
      Cp874   Thai
      Cp875   Greek (New)
      Cp918   Pakistan (Urdu)
      Cp1025  Multilingual Cyrillic (Bulgaria/Bosnia/
      Cp1026  Latin-5 (Turkey)
      Cp1097  Iran(Farsi)/Persian
      Cp1112  Latvia/Lithuania
      Cp1122  Estonia
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