News in NetPhantom 6.0

Below are news implemented in NetPhantom 6.00 Build 6100 since version 5.50 Build 5500.

Also see news in the previous versions.

News in Version 6.00 Build 6100

  • New development environment with Eclipse IDE
    The new Eclipse IDE development environment is dramatically enhanced in terms of functions, performance and response times.
  • Display resolution selection in the Editor and Java Client rendering
    All controls in NetPhantom Editor are now shown as the Java Client would, i.e. with Java rendering. The Display resolution can now be set in the Editor to be set to various end user settings and can be edited directly, e.g. the "Retina" displays would typically use 125% or 150% larger fonts and images. The Look-and-feel can also be configured with this function.
  • Font and Image rendering on high resolution screens or for visually impaired users
    Support for new screens with very high DPI (Dots Per Inch, e.g. "Retina" type screens) or for users with visual impairment. The System setting for DPI, e.g. in Windows Control Panel, is now used by default to scale fonts and images. A new option to scale or size the fonts for the Client is available with the option FONT. Another new option SCALEIMAGES:0 can be specified to turn off image scaling relative the font that is turned on by default. Click here for option format. These option are turned on by default and adapts to the system settings of the end user.
  • Windows 8 support
    NetPhantom Client now supports Windows 8 with Java version 1.7, along with Internet Explorer 10.
  • Windows Server 2012 support
    NetPhantom Server support for Windows Server 2012 with 64 bit version of Java 1.7.
  • New Tree control
    A new GUI control, the tree control, is now available using the Java API. A new sample showing the tree control capabilities has been added in the Samples Workspace for the Editor.
  • New HTML Component
    HTML for Static text control is a new option that make it possible to show HTML in panels. The Tree control sample shows an example of this HTML component.
  • Faster Proxy for Client
    The NetPhantom Client is about 600% faster than version 5.5 for Proxy connections, and about 700% faster when using Proxy connections with SSL.
  • Enhanced and optimized Terminal Window rendering
    The Terminal Window in the Client and Editor is now enhanced with automatic font resize with the option to keep the font aspect ratio along with spacing the characters both horizontally and vertically. The rendering has also been optimized resulting in much faster presentation. To enable this option, open the Terminal properties, select the Font tab and select the options Automatic font size and Keep aspect ratio.
  • Batch Build
    A new Batch Build feature has been added, providing a command line interface to the build system in order to use it in conjunction with external Make systems such as Ant.
  • Enhanced detection of client network presence
    The server now better detects a client whose TCP/IP communication has been "cut off" due to e.g. a firewall hard-closing a connection after a certain time. This now results in faster removal of inactive client connections.
  • Automatic thread deadlock check
    NetPhantom Server now performs a thread deadlock check every minute. If a deadlock is present, a complete stack trace of all locked threads is logged on the Server. This functionality combined with the NetPhantom Advanced Diagnostics can be used to monitor the server process.
  • New kill client session function using Server Administration
    When displaying the list of clients in the Server Administration, the new option "Kill" can be used to forcibly close a hung client session, even in the deadlocked thread case. It should be used with care, as it abruptly terminates the threads used by the client session.
  • New Client options for function keys F10 and Shift+F10
    Certain host applications use F10 and F22 as commands in combination with a possible pass-through of the function keys. The function keys F10 and Shift+F10 are reserved to activate the menu bar and a context menu respectively. In Windows, you can also activate the menu bar by pressing the Alt key and releasing it, and often the keyboards provide a special context-menu button. The F10 and Shift+F10 could therefore be used for the host application as users are used to when working with the host terminal application. Two new Client options are added, F10:0 and F22:0, to turn off F10 and Shift+F10 respective menu and pop-up menu activation.
  • New Client option to inhibit Client properties file creation
    A new Client option has been added, SAVESETTINGS:0 that disables creation of the Client-local properties typically created when the user reconfigures the Terminal settings. This new option will effectively skip reading an already present properties file as well as the writing of a one, thus letting the Client settings be taken from the Server every time.
  • Enhanced NetPhantom Mail Event Messenger
    The NetPhantom Mail Event Messenger used to send NetPhantom Server events logged also to a mail recipient has been enhanced with the following options: SSL (set to 1 to enable, 0 to disable), CC, BCC, Host, Port, User, Password, and finally PasswordUserID that uses the password for the NetPhantom User ID specified in order not to have it in clear text. The PasswordUserID option should preferably be used over Password.
  • Enhanced REXX SendMail command
    The SendMail command now supports SetPasswordUserID command to use the password for a NetPhantom User ID as mail authentication. This can be used instead of the SetPassword command in order not to specify a password in clear text.
  • Better error message at session closed by host
    The error message "Host communication error" is now replaced with the more comprehensive message "The session has been closed by the Host" when the Host closes a terminal (or printer) session. In addition, the message box displayed on the client uses the informational icon instead of the warning sign.

Previous versions

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