News in NetPhantom 5.2

These are news implemented in NetPhantom version 5.20 after Build 5200 since version 5.10 Build 5100.

Also see news in the previous versions.

News in Version 5.20 Build 5200

  • Applet installable from browser as short-cut on desktop using drag-drop
    Follow this link for more information.
  • Socks proxy support
    Support for proxies of SOCKS versions 4 and 5.
  • Java Control Panel integration
    Support for integration with deployment, network and security settings with the Java Control Panel. This enables integration with settings with certificates such as Certificate Authorities (CA), Client Certificates and trusted servers. The networking settings integration allows the NetPhantom Client to use the proxy settings specified in the Java Control Panel (when the NetPhantom Client PROXY parameter is set to *SYSTEM).
  • Beta support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and various Linux distributions
    Follow this link for more information.
  • Java Applet runtime parameters
    New or enhanced runtime parameters:
    • Proxy support: PROXY:[*SOCKS:]proxyServer:port
    • Draggable Applet: DRAGGABLE:1
    • Verbose output: VERBOSE:1
  • Hard JVM restart for NetPhantom Server running as a Windows Service
    A new Windows wrapper for NetPhantom Services has been added using the Service Install program (ntservice\is.bat) allowing e.g. a Hard JVM restart for the NetPhantom Server.
  • Improved terminal application performance
    Drawing of the terminal window is up to 5 times faster when using Hot Spots.
  • License Manager service script for Linux
    Added Linux script to start the License Manager (

Previous versions

The links below indicates news implemented in the individual builds: