News in NetPhantom 5.1

These are news implemented in NetPhantom version 5.10 after Build 5100 since version 5.00 Build 5000.

Also see news in the previous versions.

News in Version 5.10 Build 5100

  • New starter process for NetPhantom Services
    A new starter process (Java class "StartService") has been added and provides support for starting/restarting/stopping and upgrading the NetPhantom Services Server and Cluster Controller. This support is identical in the Windows and Unix environments. It is transparent for existing installations, as long as the services are reinstalled (under Windows) or by change of ""/"" under Unix. New installations will receive this feature automatically.
  • New SendMail support for SSL and user authentication
    The SendMail class located in the "server.extra" package now supports sending mail using SSL and optionally user authentication. This support has been added to the stand-along mail sending utility, sending mail using HTML forms and the REXX/NetRexx function SendMail (see the Java API for more information).
  • Performance improvement when changing panels
    When changing main panels, a performance improvement on the client side in terms of display (i.e. painting) has been implementing resulting in about 25% speed increase.
  • Install program now localized in several languages
    The languages are (apart from English) Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, and Swedish. These languages are used for Setup of the basic product, and the NetPhantom Starter with and without SSL.
  • User Authentication and Terminal Properties localized
    The User Authentication and Terminal Properties dialogs, displayed from Java Server based code, are now available in German and Swedish as localized languages.
  • More efficient loading of bitmaps in components
    Bitmaps used in buttons are using possibly cached bitmaps cached when loading a panel rather than to try to find it out at a later stage. This improves the performance significantly for panels using many bitmaps.
  • Codepage signature always added for text file and translation tables
    When performing a Compile distribution, the application text file and translation table are now always tagged with the codepage used for the compile process, thus enabling an application to be loaded in any codepage environment.
  • Customer area now available at NetPhantom Home page
    This customer area allows a registered user to check licenses, update customer and email information along with password maintenance for the account (everything done with NetPhantom HTML applications using JDBC together with SQL Server).
    An FTP upload site for registered customers is also available at support both plain connections as well as SSL (FTPS). Note that this site is only for upload and also requires a User ID and Password for login. Contact support for more information.
  • Support for terminal keyboards with 24 function keys
    The terminal part in the Client and Editor now supports keyboards with 24 function keys. The keys F13 to F24 are also mapped to Shift+F1 to Shift+F12.
  • Support for new security enhancement in Java 1.6 update 19 or better
    In Sun Java version 1.6 update 19 or better, a new security model for applications running as an Applet or using Java Web Start has been implemented. This enhancement requires all libraries and resources used by an application to be signed. This is now supported and developers distributing client-based code should use the Editor functions for signing the Jar files. Follow this link for more information.
  • New option to center bitmaps for buttons
    A new setting is now available to center (default) bitmap buttons. This is the new NetPhantom standard. This option can be set to zero, or unchecked in the Server Administration Client page configuration in order to use a Phantom Hurricane compatible bitmap and text drawing for buttons.
  • New option to place the application (and) binary class path at the end
    A new option in the Configure project dialog has been added to enable placing the application class path and the application binary class path at the end of the list of class path entries. This enables e.g. to have REXX code that is replaced by Java to be specified to replace the REXX class files (i.e. in front of the class for the REXX files) for the application class loader.
  • Popup menu ordering on Client side
    The ordering in the popup menus can be configured for the Client. The default behavior is that standard menu items (Cut, Paste...) are put in the beginning of the menu. This order can be reversed.
    The corresponding client parameter is "POPMENU" where "1" is used to enable the reversed mode. "0" is the default value.
  • Use native Windows printing dialogs on Client
    For the Print Window function (Ctrl+P), the standard Windows printing (as it was in NetPhantom Versions prior to 4) dialog can be used. This for example to enable that printer settings are kept between client sessions.
    The corresponding client parameter is "PRTV3" where "1" is used to enable the compatibility mode. "0" is the default value.

Previous versions

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