News in NetPhantom Version 3.8

These are news implemented in NetPhantom 3.80 Build 1900.

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News in Version 3.80

  • New Wizard toolbox for the Server Administration program allowing e.g. a Java code generation wizard that now is included as a standard module in NetPhantom. A Java API is also provided in order to create customized wizards. Click here for more information.
  • New toolbox interface for the Server Administration program enabling external plug-ins to extend the GUI of the server administration and/or providing new functionality only available using the NetPhantom Java API on the server side. For more information, see the source listing document for more information.
  • Proxy support for NetPhantom Client and NetPhantom Starter (normal and SSL versions).

    The proxy support for NetPhantom Client also includes an automatic detection of the proxy set by the browser. Use the NetPhantom Client parameter PROXY and set it to proxy:host:port or to *SYSTEM for automatic detection (note: NetPhantom Starter doesn't provide automatic detection).

    When a proxy is used, NetPhantom also supports proxy authentication (Basic and Digest).

    To use automatic detection of proxy for applets, add an entry proxy="*SYSTEM" in the SmartApplet tag of the HTML document. The tag would look something like:

        <%@include cgi="smartapplet"

    The NetPhantom Starter also has a new variable for substitution @**PROXY@ that can be used to set the PROXY parameter setting for the NetPhantom Client, in conjuction with the applications.pkg file.

  • Support for "Auto reconnect session" for 3270 and 5250 terminal sessions. This is an option and must be enabled using the host session definition panel in the Server Administration GUI.
  • Added support for 3270 Field Mark and Duplicate key functions. The Field Mark is displayed as an inverted underlined colon and Duplicate as an inverted underlined star. The default key assignments are Ctrl+Insert for Field Mark and Ctrl+Shift+Insert for Duplicate. When a previous installation is upgraded, these key assignments are normally not set and has to be configured for the user profile and the server keyboard mapping. The send string for Duplicate is @S@x and for Field Mark @S@y (compatible with IBM Personal Communications).
  • Input of lower case letters in 3270 numeric fields is now allowed. If the option "Numeric Field Override" for a host session is not selected, input of characters in lower case is now allowed, and will automatically be converted into upper case.
  • New property for the entry field control, enabling it to be connected to a dynamic host field that does not wrap over several lines on the host screen. The property is called DYNAMIC_HOST_FIELD_NOWRAP and is only valid if the property DYNAMIC_HOST_FIELD also has been set. To set this property from REXX, use the code:
    rc=PanSetCtlProperty(controlID, "DYNAMIC_HOST_FIELD_NOWRAP", "true" | "false")
  • New Java API for 3270 printers enabling changes to the printer settings on-the-fly individually for each session. The new class HostPrinterSettings along with get/set methods in the HostSession3270Printer class.
  • New LU mapper interface using a method that has more parameters allowing e.g. the LU mapper to distinguish if a host session to be connected is a printer session. The interface is called LUMapperInterface2.
  • New Java classes for "Host Listeners" on the server side: HostSessionManagerListener2, HostSessionListener2.
  • Added new client parameter option for RESJAR to enable loading resources such as images from the classpath (RESJAR=*CLASSPATH). This enables e.g. Java Web Start to use NetPhantomClient.jar and NetPhantomClientImages.jar to run the client and have the images with direct access on the client (not requiring the client to load the images from the server). Use the option RESJAR:*CLASSPATH:otherjars1.jar:...:jarX.jar.
  • Support for user defined look-and-feel for the NetPhantom Java Client in the Server Administration program.
  • New Server Administration GUI panel for host session definition. This panel now supports editing extensions such as "Keep alive" and individual host codepages.
  • New Remote Server Command operation RESTARTWS causing the web server to be restarted and the ini files users.ini and resources.ini to be reloaded. This enables e.g. definition changes remotely by directly accessing these ini files (such as a lost Administrators password), changes in access control to be reloaded without affecting the current NetPhantom Server operation.
  • Updated Administrator's and Developer's Guide to NetPhantom (now in color).
  • New look for web site shipped with NetPhantom Server.
  • Company name change from "TietoEnator Banking & Insurance" to "Codectica Systems".

Older versions

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