News in NetPhantom Version 3.9

These are news implemented in NetPhantom 3.90 Build 2100.

Version 3.80 Build 2029

  • NetPhantom Java Client now supports type-ahead for graphical panels. All keystrokes during a panel session lock is played back when the session unlocks. To enable type-ahead, specify the client option TYPEAH:1. This type-ahead support is only available in JDK 1.4.2 or better.

Version 3.80 Build 2016

  • NetPhantom Java Client now supports external Focus Managers. The NetPhantom Client class PFocusManager can now be extended and has extra methods (super_NNN) that calls its superclass.

Version 3.80 Build 2004

  • New certificates from VeriSign valid until October 2009 are now used to sign the CAB and JAR files.

Version 3.80 Build 1990

  • Client terminal emulator window now supports editing fields locally and doesn't require the server to process every keystroke. This is a drastic performance enhancement for the terminal part, combined with rewritten and refined drawing algorithms. This enhancement cannot be measured in percent; the result is much like running a pure terminal emulation software on the client, whilst the emulator software still runs on the server, resulting in a very small foot-print for the client. This functionality only applies to 3270 sessions, 5250 sessions still lets the server process every keystroke. Use the Server Administration program under Server - Configure - Base under the Host notebook tab using the option Enable client-local field editing (3270 only).
  • New capture utility provided as an applet and Java application to capture screens from a 3270 or 5250 host. Follow this link for the documentation.

Version 3.80 Build 1984

  • Support for the entry field option Activate keypad that turns on the Num Lock indicator when running JDK 1.3 or better.
  • Support to use TN5250 enhanced keyboard, codepage and character set initialization for a 5250 session. The following keyboard types are available:
      - System default (*SYSVAL)
      - Albania (ALI) + Euro (ALM)
      - Arabic X (CLB)
      - Arabic X Euro CLE)
      - Austria/Germany (AGB) + Euro (AGE) + Multinational (AGI) + Multinational Euro (AGM)
      - Bulgaria (BGB) + Euro (BGE)
      - Belgium Multinational (BLI) + Euro (BLM)
      - Brazilian Portuguese (BRB) + Euro (BRE)
      - Canadian French (CAB) + Euro (CAE) + Multinational (CAI) + Multinational Euro (CAM)
      - Croatia, Serbia (Latin), and Slovenia (YGI) + Euro (YGM)
      - Czech Republic (CSB) + Euro (CSE)
      - Cyrillic (CYB)
      - Denmark (DMB) + Euro (DME) + Multinational (DMI) + Multinational Euro (DMM)
      - Estonia (ESB)
      - France (Azerty) (FAB) + Euro (FAE) + Multinational (FAI) + Multinational Euro (FAM)
      - Finland/Sweden (FNB) + Euro (FNE) + Multinational (FNI) + Multinational Euro (FNM)
      - France (Qwerty) (FQB) + (Qwerty) Multinational (FQI)
      - FYR (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) (MKB) + Euro (MKE)
      - Greece (GKB) + (GNB) + Euro (GNE)
      - Hebrew (NCB) + Euro (NCE)
      - Hindi (HIB)
      - Hungary (HNB) + Euro (HNE)
      - Iceland (ICB) + Euro (ICE) + Multinational (ICI) + Multinational Euro (ICM)
      - India (Urdu) (PKB) + Euro (PKE)
      - International (INB) + Multinational (INI)
      - Iran (Farsi) (IRB)
      - Italy (ITB) + Euro (ITE) + Multinational (ITI) + Multinational Euro (ITM)
      - Japan (English) (JEB) + Multinational (JEI) + (Kanji) and Katakana (JKB) +
      - Japan Latin Extended (JPB) + Euro (JPE)
      - Japan Kanji and United States English (JUB)
      - Japan (Katakana) (KAB)
      - Korea (KOB)
      - Lao People's Democratic Republic (LAB) + Euro (LAE)
      - Lithuania (LTB)
      - Latin 2 (ROB) + Euro (ROE)
      - Latvia (LVB)
      - Netherlands (NEB) + Euro (NEE) + Multinational (NEI) + Multinational Euro (NEM)
      - Norway (NWB) + Euro (NWE) + Multinational (NWI) + Multinational Euro (NWM)
      - Polish (PLB) + Euro (PLE)
      - Portugal (PRB) + Euro (PRE) + Multinational (PRI) + Multinational Euro (PRM)
      - Romania (RMB) + Euro (RME)
      - Russia (RUB) + Euro (RUE)
      - Serbia (Cyrillic) (SQB) + Euro (SQE)
      - Simplified Chinese (RCB)
      - Slovakia (SKB) + Euro (SKE)
      - Spain (SPB) + Euro (SPE) + Multinational (SPI) + Multinational Euro (SPM)
      - Spanish Speaking (SSB) + Euro (SSE) + Multinational (SSI) + Multinational Euro (SSM)
      - Sweden (SWB) + Euro (SWE) + Multinational (SWI) + Multinational Euro (SWM)
      - Switzerland/French Multinational (SFI) + Euro (SFM)
      - Switzerland/German Multinational (SGI) + Euro (SGM)
      - Thailand (THB) + Euro (THE)
      - Traditional Chinese (TAB)
      - Turkey (TKB) + (Qwerty) Euro (TKE) + (F) (TRB) + (F) Euro (TRE)
      - Ukraine (UAB) + Euro (UAE)
      - United Kingdom (UKB) + Euro (UKE) + Multinational (UKI) + Multinational Euro (UKM)
      - United States/Canada (USB) + Euro (USE) + Multinational (USI) + Multinational Euro (USM)
      - Vietnam (VNB) + Euro (VNE)


Version 3.80 Build 1976

  • New options to set the country locale information, typically used for sorting lists. Use the Server Administration program, menu item Configure - Base and then the Country notebook page.

Version 3.80 Build 1972

  • New option for the Session Booster implementation in NetPhantom allowing a client parameter to specify a subdirectory where the PSB.INI file should be read, below the directory of the runtime file (NPR). Specify the NetPhantom Client parameter $PSB.INI.DIR and define a subdirectory name, e.g. test or prod.

Version 3.80 Build 1967

  • The EE host session now supports fast cursor movements (up/down/left/right) and the Field Exit, Field Plus and Field Minus operations.

Version 3.80 Build 1966

  • Client printing enhancement: the print dialog box is displayed once only for each printing type (host print, report printing, print window, etc) when the client parameter PRTDLG:1 is specified.

Version 3.80 Build 1952

  • New Wizard toolbox for the Server Administration program for creating and editing (EEM) master files for the (EE) Emulator Emulator. The GUI panel used to create and edit such a master file is compatible with the EE package used in Phantom Hurricane. See its documentation for more information.

Older versions

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